Adrift by David Myers, Marina Bay Sands: OMG! We Chanced Upon David! (Yeah, We Are on First Name Basis)

adrift-mbs-reviewWhen we were dining at Adrift at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, a handsome and gentle chef went from table to table to greet and welcome the guests. When he left our table, I turned to the waitress, “Is he David Myers?”

But the chanced encounter isn’t our only highlight of the meal. The restaurant is beautifully eclectic, posh and quirky with swings to seat. The food is American with Asian twist. After some calculation, the set lunch ($38+ 2-course, $48+ 3-course) isn’t quite as worth it as we thought initially; if you order a la carte, you’d pay slightly more but get full portions, not half like the set lunch.

adrift-by-david-myers-singapore-menuBut the food is simple, and has a pristine bite. The tomato salad (above) is all tomatoes, with a ginger-seaweed vinaigrette, that tastes like when kombu and hainanaese chicken rice have a baby. I thought the hamachi shabu shabu (below) would be raw, but it is (probably) flash-poached. Would be better if the ponzu is more pronounced.

adrift-restaurant-singaporeThe patty in the wagyu cheese burger (below) is of uneven texture, some chunks interspersed amidst the minced; they may have chopped by hand or mixed chunks in the minced meat. Either way, I like the uneven texture and well-balanced taste of gruyere, tomato jam, and jalapeños. While the burger is good, the pork tonkatsu sandwich is fabulous. Pillowy white bread in a tender, crispy but not-at-all greasy breaded pork with umami fat. Definitely gonna return for this.

adrift-marina-bay-sandsThe service is wonderful, attentive, friendly, polite, warm… but here’s the thing, we were the last few diners for lunch, and the waitress kept trying to clear our plates from the mains when we hadn’t finished. I suppose she wanted us to go into dessert so she could rest. On the one hand, I felt terrible that she had to stay behind to serve us, but on the other, I was miffed to be rushed through the meal. I’ve indigestion, don’t stress me!

adrift-restaurant-singapore-menuSecondly, there is a miscommunication. When I made a reservation, I told them it was my friend’s birthday and asked for a complimentary cake. But they charge $20 for a cake. I said forget it. They suggested,  we could write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the plate of the French toast. Since we were having the 3-course lunch which includes French toast, I thought they were just writing on the plate as is the common practice in other restaurants. I said ok, but they brought out another plate of kaya toast and charged us $8. In no way was there, in our communication, the suggestion that the dessert was to be charged. Why would I order two French toasts? Besides, when did restaurants stop providing complimentary birthday cakes?

adrift-singapore-priceThe third faux pas is when the staff came over to sing the Happy Birthday song. All was nice, and then one of them started taking photos of us. I thought, they would print the photo immediately and give it to us as a souvenir, as is the common practice in other restaurants. But they didn’t. And they didn’t explain to us the purpose of the photo. I love it that they are rebelling against the common practices of other restaurants but I wonder what they did with the photo and I feel very uncomfortable about it. I should have asked them directly, but I’m not the sort to think on my feet; I’m slow. Sigh, such is life.

My advice: if you want easy food with a clean feel—no heavy drowsiness after meal—it’s worth coming to Adrift by David Myers. The decor is chic and the service is great except don’t spend your birthdays here, and don’t take a long time to eat. Also: this is the first time that a la carte gives better value than the set menu. (Who came up with the wacky pricing???) Go for a la carte.

We paid $136 for two.

Adrift by David Myers
10 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby Tower 2, Singapore 018956
T: +65 6688 5657
M-F 12pm-2.30pm, Weekend 11am-3pm, Sun-Th 6pm-midnight, F & Sat 6pm-1am

Service: 6.75/10
Decor: 10/10
Value: 5.5/10
Food: 7/10
Overall rating: 3.656/5

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  1. I am always interested in restaurant reviews of MBS. Seems Adrift is another good addition. It replaced the old Fuse bar and restaurant in the lobby, which I didn’t think was particularly special. Adrift by David Myers is a great concept for MBS. Seems you enjoyed the food, despite the pricing palaver – and I wouldn’t worry about that photo, although I bet they might put it in a gallery on their website soon…

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