Mr and Mrs Maxwell, The Club Hotel: Cafe for Adults, Not Unlike PS Cafe

mr-and-mrs-maxwell-singaporeMr and Mrs Maxwell at The Club Hotel at Ann Siang Road is a gorgeous setup, dark and sexy, with touches of colonial past. If this is the first time you’re seeing your date in the day and don’t want to scare your potential victim away, Mr and Mrs Maxwell provides a suitable venue.

mr-and-mrs-maxwell-ann-siang-roadBecause the decor is classy and cozy, it’s surprising that the food is affordable, even cheaper than many cafes. From the All Day Breakfast menu (7am-7pm), the lobster omelette (above), served on sour toast and gruyere, is only $16! Taste wise, it’s so so.

mr-and-mrs-maxwell-the-club-hotelThere is also a carbs section, serving more traditional breakfast food. Ricotta hotcakes ($14, above) is served with truffle honey and vanilla yogurt; it’s all kinds of flavors at once, sweet, sour, savory. Too complicated for me. Not for the faint hearted.

mr-and-mrs-maxwell-reviewFor more hardcore lunch type of food (from 10.30am onwards)—by hardcore, I mean soups, salads, and sandwiches—the 28-hour slow-cooked Moroccan lamb shoulder salad ($16), dressed in spiced lemon, is too sour for me; there isn’t much lamb; and the portion is small.

mr-and-mrs-maxwell-menuThe hand-minced Angus beef Club Burger ($24, above) with Cheddar, Emmental, and candied bacon, is pretty good. Very juicy and fat, with sweet caramelized onions.


mr-and-mrs-maxwell-sgThe desserts, I feel, are more ornamental and pretty and alcoholic than tasty. Crepe Suzette ($16, above) is overly sour and overly sweet, and the crepe is too thick. Baked Alaska ($16, below) is more accurately a Bombe Alaska (baked Alaska with alcohol): an ice cream with a meringue layer and cotton candy, doused in flaming rum. Not bad, but I’d prefer a proper baked Alaska because I don’t like the bitterness of rum.

mr-and-mrs-maxwellSpeaking of alcohol, truffle espresso martini ($18) is a wonderful weekend perk-me-up, different from the usual everyday coffee. Sriracha bloody mary ($16) sounds interesting. The adult milkshake, Vodka peanut butter ($16), has enough bitterness of vodka to cut through the sweetness of peanut butter: quite good. For teetotalers, the banana cheesecake smoothie ($12) is something I’d try. Then there are all the health juices with cute names: Greek goddess ($9) and morning glow ($10).

mr-and-mrs-maxwell-singaporeAlthough when we were at Mr and Mrs Maxwell it was teeming with families armed with crying children, it’s really a place more suited for working adults, dates, hipsters, cafe hoppers, ladies who brunch, and people who enjoy the finer things in life. It’s a less expensive and less gay version of its neighbor, PS Cafe, which I revisited two weeks ago. Like PS Cafe, the food at Mr and Mrs Maxwell is not fantastic but the price and the ambience make for a relaxing weekend treat.

Mr and Mrs Maxwell Singapore
28 Ann Siang Road, The Club Hotel, Singapore 069708
T: +65 6808 2181
Sun-Th 7am-11pm, F-Sat 7am-midnight

Food: 5.75/10
Value: 7/10
Decor / Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: NA (tasting)
Overall: 3.375/5

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This is a hosted meal.

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