Fix Grill, HomeTeamNS Balestier: (Halal) Paleo Paradise, Best Chicken Wings in Singapore

fix grill balestier reviewThe Grub Empire expands: Cookyn Inc, Grub Cafe, Fix Cafe, Grub Noodle Bar, and now Fix Grill. Like their other cafes and restaurants, Fix Grill has a philosophy that they proclaim proudly: they serve food that they serve their family. And like their other establishments, the food at Fix Grill has a clean and bright bite.

fix grill hometeamns As their name suggests, the specialty here are their grilled items. The must order dish, chicken wings with sriracha mayo (3 pcs, $6.90), is one of the best chicken wings in Singapore. It was coated lightly with honey, and was extremely juicy inside. Keep the sriracha mayo for other dishes; the dip goes with everything. Next time I visit, I’ll just order 10 chicken wings for myself.

fix grill singapore menuThe whole snapper ($24/$30) was beautiful too: very fresh, very light, crispy skin and succulent meat.

fix grill sgBut not all grilled items were good. I was rather resistant to order the assorted skewer platter ($25), but two different waiters at different times pushed for it. It came cold, and none of the five flavors from beef meatball to eggplant with cheese was memorable. I’d rather eat at Tori-Q. Should have trusted my instincts and gone for the slow roasted chicken ($19).

fix grill sg menuBesides bbq items, there are also cooked food like the 24-hour grass-fed, slow-cooked beef shortrib ($32), which was nice, if a tad bland. Like other dishes, the portion was generous. One person could hardly finish it, unless that person is me.

fix grill singapore Every instagrammer had ordered donuts with salted egg yolk dip (6pcs, $6, below), and I regretted it. It was just as described, nothing special. I guess that’s the major flaw of instagram; it’s for pretty photos but not for food recommendations.

fix grilled singapore But as a whole, I think The Grub Group has outdone itself. Fix Grill is my favorite among all its establishments. The portions are hearty; the food is halal, so I can eat with my Muslim friends; and compliments to the grill chefs who perfected the art of moist and tender meat. I haven’t seen such perfect grilling skills in years. Even though I over-ate and ate too much meat, I didn’t feel heavy; the ingredients must be of good quality. And even when there are carbs that come with the meat, the carbs were addictive. I hate sweet potato and potato because they are food fit only for war time, but that day, I couldn’t stop eating them.

Because of this blog, and limited cash, I usually don’t return to a restaurant once I’ve reviewed it. But Fix Grill is a place I’d gladly return and a place I’d recommend highly. We over-ordered and paid $115 for 3 persons, or $38 for one.

Fix Grill 

31, Ah Hood Road, HomeTeamNS Balestier #01-06/07, Singapore 329779
T: +65 6256 1484
Tue-Sun 11am-3pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm

Value: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Decor/Ambience: 5.75/10
Service: 6.5/10
Rating: 3.406/5

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