CLOSED: Bomba, Martin Rd

Bomba Singapore
Owned by Yenn Wong of Jia Hotel, Bomba’s kitchen is helmed by a Spanish-Italian chef from award-winning Barrafina Spanish Tapas Restaurant in London. “Bomba” is a Spanish short-grained rice used to make paella.

Bomba - croquettas
: We have been to almost all tapas bars in Singapore and Bomba is the biggest, most comfortable one–we even saw a (male) starlet there–but unfortunately, it is also the most colorless, utterly devoid of character.

Bomba - hen egg

Bomba - king scallops

Bomba - arroz negro
Both Ms Atas and I had cocktails, Sangria de cava ($16 x 2), which was okay. And so was everything else: Iberico ham croquettas (3pcs for $12), hen egg (slow-cooked on a puree of morcilla, piquillo peppers and large garlic croutons, $12), roasted king scallops ($22), and piquillo peppers stuffed with salt cod brandade ($14). Their specialty paella, arroz negro ($40), tasted like our mui-fan but at ten times the price. The only thing I enjoyed–Ms Atas didn’t–was the bitter chocolate ($14) that had salt which brought out the sweetness in the bitterness.

Bomba - Bitter Chocolate
We spent a total of $157 for two. The food was ok, but with so many tapas bars, ok just isn’t good enough. A good word to sum up Bomba is “vapid.” We don’t think we will be back any time soon until we hear the food gets better.


38 Martin Rd
Singapore 239059
T: 6509 1680

F-Sun, & PH: Noon-3pm
Sun- Thur: 6-11pm
F-Sat: 6pm to midnight

Rating: 3.000/5 stars

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