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Yikes, we went to ODP a few months ago and didn’t have time to publish a review. The menu has changed since, which is a pity, because we had such great food there. ODP is by the same chef as Tippling Club, Ryan Cliff, and no wonder the food was so good.

Decor: The narrow strip of restaurant is industrial-chic with raw brick walls and an open kitchen. Pretty but we found the tables too close together. Space was tight. The restaurant is best for groups but we wondered if it is packed, it must be very difficult to hear each other or move around.

odp steak tartar
For starters, the five of us shared a steak tartar ($19) and papaduck ($18), their interpretation of papadum with duck. Both were fantastic in complexity of textures and tastes but both have been taken off the menu.

odp braised beef
48-hour Braised Beef Cheek

odp chicken confit
Chicken Confit

odp mushroom risotto
Mushroom Risotto

All five of us ordered different mains and in ranking of our preference:
(1) mushroom risotto ($22) was the surprise winner, buttery but not excessive (taken off menu;
(2) braised beef ($29), still on the menu, was slow-cooked for 48 hours. Cooked so slowly, it retained its moisture and became tender.
(3) chicken confit ($25), off the menu
(4) pork belly ($29), still on the menu – a decent rendition but we thought decent wasn’t good for something that clogs arteries. Ember’s version was far superior.
(5) sea bass ($27). It’s honestly difficult to make fish taste good.

pistachio souffle

odp apple crumble
Apple Crumble

Among the three desserts we had, pistachio souffle ($15), pineapple tartin ($16) and apple crumble ($14), we unanimously agreed that the pineapple tartin (roasted pineapple in an upside tart with a dollop of ice cream) was the best, very refreshing and easy to eat. But it is also the only dessert to be taken off the new menu! The new menu still retains the souffle, which was nice but boring, and deconstructed apple crumble which was substantial and had a good balance but could be heavy as a dessert.

We spent $252 for 5 people or about $50 each. It was money well spent. The food was delicious and very elegant, and the ambience was lively. The servers could do with some training but still ok. We await eagerly the revamp of Tippling Club, hoping the food will be better or at least same quality.

ODP Singapore

19 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168650
T: 6221 9307

Closed on Tue

Rating: 3.478/5 stars

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    • I suppose it’s because fish is delicate and doesn’t taste as strongly as other meats. It’s easy to grill a beef and it will taste good, but not fish. The best fish dish I had was made by the Japanese. It takes balance and talent. Oh, but the cod fish burger at The Market Grill is fantastic too, but that’s because of the strong sauces and not the fish itself.


      • I must be one of those boring fish people – I much prefer it over meat, so I would argue it’s a strong vs good distinction. the japanese part is right – but then I have a weakness for grilled fish and lots of grated radish.


  1. We reserved a table for dinner through the Manager,Ben.I was told seats by the bar counter are only for walk in customers but tables can be reserved.As we arrived, we were greeted (no smiles) by a waiting staff and Ben,(smile totally absent too) and was shown to a table ,I asked him if was the person I has spoken with earlier and again with little enthusiasm,answered yes.
    He proceded to plce to menus on the table and was about to leave(mind you he made no effort to pull my chair out but plooped the two menus down)As the bar counter had two available seats,I asked if we could be seated there..He said yes,again just placed two menus on the counter and made no effort to pull out my seat.Was he trained in the service industry?He sets a very bad example with his staff,all looked so unhappy and solemn the entire evening.The saving grace was perhaps te food,small portions but shall remember to order two mains in the future and The Chinese Head Chef that came and spoke with us.I understand all his junior chefs have been trained by the best culinary schools here.And a new foreign chef will arrive soon.
    You may have the best chefs but if your front of house staff under performs,its ruins the entire dining experience.

    I had intended to leave a comment on ODP but could not find the comment .


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