Muchachos, Keong Saik

muchachos singapore
After massage, we stumbled upon this cool joint selling burritos, or cai fan in a popiah. Industrial setting, cement wall, bar stools and a powerpoint irradiating naked lightbulbs.

Muchachos Menu
Menu taken from Muchachos facebook

Read the menu from right to left: choose one from each category. Although a burrito costs $12, when everything added up, we paid about $17 per burrito. 

muchachos Singapore review - beef

muchachos sg

I got a skirt steak and Huccalily, a pork butt cooked in its own lard, and we added lots of loving, guacamole. I liked mine, didn’t like hers. She liked hers, didn’t like mine. Moral of the story: know what you like, and choose what you like. A certain magazine named this one of the Best Restaurants of the 2013; we don’t think so. I mean, the burritos were not bad, but it was really the coolness of the place that made this joint fun.

Muchachos Singapore

22 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089129
T: 6220 0458
M-Th: 12-4pm, 6-10pm
F-Sat: 12pm-12am
Rating: 3.250/5 stars

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