MOVED: Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Keypoint: The Most Affordable Wagyu Buffet in Singapore

MOVED: Tenkaichi has moved to 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square Shopping Mall #03-129, Singapore 039594 Tel: +65 6250 8918.

tenkaichi buffet singapore reviewI was apprehensive to enter a rundown, carpeted restaurant, like it was the 90s. The ventilation was nasty and you would smell like a bbq pit when you leave. (Suggestion: the restaurant could provide febreze.)

tenkaichi buffet keypoint reviewBut when you dig in, your misgivings dissipate and you will think “OMG BEST BBQ EVER.” The two chefs have a combined experience of 50 years, 20 of which are spent in yakiniku (BBQ) restaurants in Japan, so they know how to marinate and slice the meat against the grain to provide maximum tenderness.

tenkaichi buffet singapore menuThere are two prices for the buffet: Deluxe ($49.80, without wagyu) and Premium ($99.80, with wagyu). And there is a price guarantee. If you can find a Japanese buffet restaurant that serves the same quality and variety, they will beat the restaurant by 10% of the price. So far, no one has challenged the guarantee successfully. So I can safely proclaim this is the most affordable wagyu bbq buffet in Singapore.

Indeed, besides bbq items, there are sashimi (including salmon and blue fin tuna), prawn tempurabreaded oystersoba, wagyu beef yukka (beef tartare) and maki sushi. 

tenkaichi buffet keypoint priceFor the bbq items, there are also myriad choices like wagyu ox tongue (above), scallops, giant Japanese oysters, a very tasty lamb nakkaochi (intercostal), and a beautifully marbled ton toro (pork cheek, below).

tenkaichi buffet singapore price

tenkaichi buffet keypoint priceThe piece de resistance is, of course, the wagyu in different cuts, with marbling 7 and above. I particularly enjoyed the wagyu nakkaochi karubi, or intercostal meat, meat found between the ribs: chewy and juicy.

tenkaichi Japanese BBQ singapore reviewThe meats here are marinated especially heavy-handedly, so you can taste the saltiness of miso. Depending on whether you prefer little or heavy seasoning, you will dislike or like the food. For me and some Japanese sitting beside me, it was delicious. A place I’d return.

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant

371 Beach Road, City Gate (Keypoint) #01-18/19 Singapore 199597
T: +65 6293 4498
11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm
Rating: 3.288/5

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Thanks Jovy and Ben for the invite.

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