CLOSED: Brizo, Park Hotel Clarke Quay: Spanish Seafood Buffet (including Chilli Crabs and Butter Crabs)

CLOSED: Brizo has rebranded to Porta Restaurant.

brizo-singaporeFrom now to the end of June, Brizo Restaurant & Bar at Park Hotel Clarke Quay offers “Viva Seafood Fiesta” dinner buffet (Th-Sun), showcasing the flavors of Spain.

brizo-reviewHaving had Conrad’s Sunday Brunch buffet recently, we couldn’t help but to compare the two. Costing twice as much, Conrad’s buffet is extravagant, with countless dishes that you can not finish eating without bursting your appendix, whereas Brizo is modest, has more or less 15 main dishes, and you can finish in one or two rounds.

brizo-restaurant-and-bar-reviewArros negre

brizo-buffet-menuLobster in a pan, much like the Creole’s crabs in a bag so popular in Singapore a while ago. Thought this is more American South than Spanish?

brizo-park-hotel-clarke-quayMost buffet items can be seen in this above photo.

But I actually prefer Brizo because Brizo’s food ranges from average to good, whereas Conrad’s from abysmal to good. I prefer consistency to surprises. Besides you don’t feel compelled to force-feed yourself to try all the food.

brizo-buffet-priceBrizo’s main stars are, unfortunately, not Spanish. The chilli crabs and butter crabs are fantastic; the former is spicy and sweet enough, and the latter is rich.

brizo-crab-buffetExcept for the sauce, there is nothing Spanish about the roasted pork, which is very good. Tender meat, with crackling skin. I had 5 servings of this.

brizo-singaporeDurian penyat

The variety can definitely be improved for the price of the buffet: $27++ (child), $55++ (adult), which, with taxes, comes up to over $60. Currently, the price doesn’t justify the selection. Maybe they can include sashimi and oysters. Or decrease the price.

brizo-sgOn the whole, Brizo offers a decent buffet which you don’t have to gorge yourself to finish all the food.

Brizo Restaurant & Bar @ Park Hotel Clarke Quay
1 Unity Street, Park Hotel Clarke Quay, Singapore 237983
T: +65 6593 8855
Spanish Buffet dinner Th-Sun 6.30pm-10.30pm
Brizo Buffet Price $55++ (adult)/ $27++ (child)

Food: 6/10
Value: 5.5/10
Service: NA (buffet)
Decor/Ambience: 6/10 (renovation is in order)
Rating: 2.917/5

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