Tang Lung Restaurant, Robertson Quay: Dim Sum Sunday Buffet & Other Dishes at New Modern Chinese Restaurant

From the same founders of Le Fusion, a new Chinese restaurant called Tang Lung is now opened at The Pier at Roberton Quay. It serves Chinese cuisine from different regions, ranging from innovative dim sum to savoury crab dishes. The restaurant has an open kitchen concept where you can watch the chefs prepare the dim sum dishes made upon orders.


Pineapple Char Siew Tart

I like traditional dim sum but Tang Lung adds a modern twist to some of the dim sum dishes that is a great move. One example is their Pineapple Char Siew Tart ($6.90/3 pc). It has a filling of pineapple and char siew wrapped in a buttery pastry with a crust that is akin to bolo bao (pineapple bun). The combination of sweet, savoury and tartness is extremely pleasant. These pineapple char siew poppers are addictive.

Pork Siew Mai with Salted Egg Yolk

The main differences between Pork Siew Mai with Salted Egg Yolk ($7.90/4 pc) and regular siew mai are Japanese fish roe and salted egg yolk. I could hardly taste the salted egg yolk though. Nonetheless, the meat-and-prawn filling is fresh and juicy.

Truffle Mushroom Crystal Dumpling

Another unique dim sum of theirs is the Truffle Mushroom Crystal Dumpling ($8.90/4 pc). The translucent, paper-thin chewy skin contains well-stewed sliced mushrooms, carrots and other vegetables with a trifle of truffle oil. I am glad that the truffle oil does not overpower the taste, every bite is still moist and juicy with mushrooms taking the lead.

Tang Lung Restaurant offers dim sum all-day every day but it tastes better on Sunday, 3 to 5pm when it is all-you-can-eat Free Flow Dim Sum Sunday Buffet ($26.80 per adult; $16.80 per child from 6 to 12 years old). The buffet deal comes with a bowl of piping hot Chinese la mian (handmade noodles) and as many dim sum dishes your stomach can take. Three is not a crowd in October because the third person dines for free! Children under 6 dine for free as well.

Chinese Dishes

In addition to dim sum, Tang Lung also serves Chinese dishes.

Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom in Chinese Herbs

You can smell the nourishing Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom in Chinese Herbs ($68 per portion) from another room. The black sea cucumber is deep fried and then braised in a myriad of Chinese herbs such as angelica root, yam root, cordyceps and etc, resulting in a glistening pot of warm and nutritional stew.

Some find the taste and smell of the Chinese herbs overpowering but I think it is fine the way it is. The stew is umami and delicious. This dish goes very well with a bowl of fluffy white Jasmine rice.

Steamed Flower Crab in Shaoxing Wine

My favourite dish for the night is Steamed Flower Crab in Shaoxing Wine (seasonal price). Tang Lung uses red flower crabs instead of the usual blue flower crabs to cook this dish. Red flower crabs are rarer and the meat is way sweeter and more tender.

The flower crabs are steamed with a special sauce that is concocted with sweet, fermented rice, spiced Shaoxing wine and chicken oil. The vermicelli that is parked below the crabs is extremely fragrant and flavourful because it has all soaked up the essence from the flower crabs and the special sauce. Every mouthful of the delicate crab meat with loaded vermicelli is bliss.

Deep Fried Soon Hock in Superior Soya Sauce

Deep Fried Soon Hock in Superior Soya Sauce (seasonal price) is a classic Chinese dish. Although deep fried, the fish remains succulent and tender. This requires a good control of the fire. The crispy fish is well coated with the restaurant’s special superior soya sauce, cooked with fresh garlic and fried shallots.

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Crab Roe

The Steamed Glutinous Rice with Crab Roe (seasonal price) takes 30 minutes to cook. Apart from the crab roe, the glutinous rice is steamed with shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimps and scallops. The rice and crabs are steamed separately at first as they require a different amount of cooking time. The last step is to steam the rice and crabs together in a cheese cloth so that the juices from the crabs are absorbed into the rice entirely. This is a great pick for anyone who likes strong flavours and does not have to worry about their cholesterol levels.

Tang Lung Restaurant is a good place to bring your parents to if you want traditional Chinese cuisine with slight twists and turns. The food is excellent and well-executed. I like that the dim sum is handmade. There will be waiting time involved for some of the dishes but it is definitely worth the wait.

Tang Lung Restaurant
The Pier at Robertson Quay #01-12, 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239013
12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm, daily
Tel: +65 6262 9966

Food: 7.5/10
Price/value: 6/10
Décor/ambience: 5.5/10

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Written by Cheang Shwu Peng

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  1. I beg to differ from your review.
    The Steamed Glutinous Rice with Crab Roe was too dry, the crab was overcooked and fishy. The dim sum was mostly CMI.
    The decor, ambience and service were acceptable though!


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