Chojiro Osaka Sushi Restaurant, Telok Ayer: One of the Most Popular Kaiten-zushi in Japan

Chojiro Osaka Sushi Restaurant at Telok Ayer (across from Chuan Hung) is the first outlet outside of Japan. The conveyer belt sushi restaurant, also known as kaiten-zushi, first opened in Osaka 20 years ago and now boasts 60 outlets in Japan. The seafood is flown in from Japan daily and the operations is overseen by Japanese chefs.

They have more than 60 types of sushi to choose from, ranging from $1.99 to $15.99. There are also assorted sushi platters, sashimi, rolls, rice bowls, grilled seafood, tempura, noodles, salads and desserts that are made to order and aren’t on the belt. Their signature dish is the natural Blue Fin tuna which comes in sashimi, sushi roll or even nigiri style.

Sashimi 5 types ($24.90)

The sashimi ($24.90) is really good value for money. Other restaurants would have charged $60-$100 for it. The slices are thick and nicely chewy. Everything is good but the yellowtail stands up with its creaminess and the tai seabream tastes great with the zesty lemon.

Maguro set ($44.99)

Their most known for their bluefin tuna and I saw the maguro (tuna) set on their online menu going for $34.99. But when we were at the restaurant, they took off the set. I asked the waiter if they still had it, and, like any Japanese restaurant, they were willing to do it. But, unknown to us until we got the bill, the set costs $44.99, almost 30% increment from their online menu. If I knew it was so expensive, I would order the sushi set (1 maguro, 1 chutoro, 1 otoro) which is much cheaper.

Their online menu stated the set costs $34.99 but we paid $44.99 for it.

The maguro set consists of an otoro, chutoro, maguro, aburi maguro, negitoro, and tekkamaki tuna roll. They are a good standard–not the best, but better than other restaurants at this mid range–and the fish is sliced thick. Usually my favourite sushi is otoro but strangely, my favourite on the plate is the negitoro which is so flavourful with fat.

Salmon ikura inari sushi ($4.99)
Uni sushi ($7.99)
Salmon ikura sushi ($4.99)
Saba sushi ($4.99)
Masu ikura ($7.99) – teaspoon for size comparison

For the sushi, the rice could be more vinegary and warm. The salmon ikura inari sushi ($4.99) is so-so, can skip. I think they put two varieties of uni in the uni sea urchin sushi ($7.99), which gives good value. They named the ikura salmon sushi ($4.99) “oyako” meaning parent-child. Get it? You’re eating the parent (salmon) and the child (ikura). The masa ikura ($7.99) comes in a tiny square bowl, very tiny, with a single layer of ikura and two pieces of salmon.

Lastly, we miss the the defunct saba restaurant at Wisma so we ordered the Kyoto-styled pressed mackerel saba sushi ($4.99). It is just ok, a far cry from the one at the Wisma restaurant.

Tempura ($13.99)

The assorted prawn tempura ($13.99) is good. Arrives hot. And I like batter like this, crumbly, instead of the thick floury kind.

Matcha warabi mochi ($6.99)

The matcha warabi mochi ($6.99) is good too, soft and wobbly like what warabi mochi should be.

We spent $150 for two persons. Not cheap but we did eat much premium ingredients. Overall, it is satisfying and the restaurant meets all standards in terms of quality and value of food, service, and the decor/ambience.

Chojiro Osaka Sushi Restaurant
23 Church Street Level 1, Capital Square, Singapore 049481
t: +65 6226 1271
M – F 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10.30pm
Sat 3pm – 10.30pm, Closed Sun

Food: 6.5/10
Price/value: 6.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Decor: 6.5/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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