Category: Mod Sin

Rabbit Stash, Klapsons Hotel: The Mid-Career Switch of Chef Matthew Mok with a Masters in Building Construction Management 

Armed with a Masters in Building Construction Management, Chef Matthew Mok bravely switched his career and started Rabbit Stash at Wangz Hotel. It serves fine-dining French cuisine with touches of Modern Singaporean influences.


Kite Restaurant, Craig Road: A Difficult Review, Modern Asian Small Plates

Kite Restaurant at Craig Road is a hard review to write. If I am not driving, I usually write my review on my phone on the train and when I reach home, the review is done. But I took days, ruminating over my experience at Kite.

The Quarters, Icon Village Tanjong Pagar: Mod-Sin Cafe, Durian Creme Brulee, Buah Keluah Ice Cream

Chung Deming left his cushy finance job to start The Quarters at Icon Village, a cafe that serves modern Singaporean (mod-sin) food at affordable prices without gst or service charge. With no professional training but armed with loads of passion, he develops his ideas into recipes on his own. Almost everything, including dips, sauces, and ice creams, is made from scratch.