Flock Cafe, Tiong Bahru

Flock Cafe Singapore
Last week, Flock celebrated its first year anniversary. (Congrats!) The adage goes once a shop survives the first year, it’s safe. And it is with good reasons that Flock does well in a competitive neighborhood of cafés.

Flock Cafe Tiong Bahru

A fellow blogger commented Flock is the kind of cafe that you can wear slippers and be in your pyjamas and feel comfortable. Well, yes and no. It has a comfortable lazy Sunday afternoon vibe but the decor is sophisticated, walls lined with posters of literary classics. Ah! Finally, a non-hipster cafe. Comfortable, classy and with character, the unpretentious decor is already a cut above hipster cafés.

The affordable menu is clearly divided into sandwichespasta, and all day breakfast. The kitchen is run by sisters Edith and Elaine Lee, with the help of consultant chef Jimmy Chok, the godfather of “mod Sin” cuisine, or food with elements of Singaporean and Western flavors.

Flock Cafe review - pulled pork gruyere sandwich
And indeed, the star, pulled pork gruyere sandwich ($13.90), tasted like a tua pao (pork bun) that essence was distilled into a panini. My eating companion observed, “It has everything, complex flavors and varying textures.” Cooked for two-and-an-half hours, the shredded tender pork had a sweet Asian flavor with fried shallot, made piquant by mustard mayo and creamy with a light cheese. On a scale of 1-10, this one scored a “freaking awesome.” MUST ORDER.

Flock Cafe Brunch - bacon and poached egg spaghetti
The other two dishes we had were satisfactory. The eggs sally ($15.90) were competent, poached eggs runny, hollandaise sauce pleasant. The bacon and poached egg spaghetti ($14.90), or carbonara, was a tad salty but had lots and lots of garlic, which we loved.

Flock Cafe SG - chocolate cake
The cakes ($6.50-$7 a slice) are catered from Jacqui Co and Patisserie G. The crowd’s favorite is banoffee cake , which unfortunately was out when we were there. The chocolate cake was ok. It had a hint of salt, which brought out the sweetness in the chocolate. But I thought the sponge part monotonous, and the cake depended largely on the intense ganache, like how Destiny’s Child depended on Beyoncé.

Flock Cafe Moh Guan Terrace - Mocha
Coffee is from Liberty Coffee, an elusive local coffee roaster that opens only once or twice a month or sometimes, not at all. The mocha ($6), with a gorgeous and intricate coffee art, was light-bodied and smooth with an almost imperceptible bitter note on its tail-end. Delicious.

Flock Cafe Singapore

78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-25 Singapore162078
T: 6536 3938
Flock Cafe Menu
Daily 8am-6pm

Rating: 3.500/5 stars

Ps: thanks, Edith and Elaine, for the invite.

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    • Very subtle differences. Flock is classy, open and bright. It has green leaves growing out of its signboard. Nice smooth vocals as background music. Hipster cafes are more industrial chic, grungy, ghetto, lots of raw wood and (rusted) metal, plays loud music like Cold Play, Kings of Convenience. A hipster cafe will definitely not have writing in cursive on the walls or provide magazines for the patrons. Magazines are too mainstream for hipsters.


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