Shunjuu Izakaya, Robertson Quay

A lackadaisical day. Chiobu and I meandered slowly along Robertson Quay and settled on this Japanese restaurant, Shunjuu Izakaya. “Izakaya” means “place of comfort,” and of course, comfort means alcohol. Too bad we are almost teetotalers. Is the decor comforting? Well, it is fuss-free. Seats are placed along the corridor of Riverside View building, but still far away from the canal, so there isn’t a view to speak of. Not much of an ambience.

The restaurant is also known for its “sumiyaki,” or skewered BBQ meat over Japanese charcoal.

The complimentary starters were quite appetizing. The raddish and carrots, as appetizers, were soaked in a miso-soup until the roots were throughly soft, absorbing the essence of the soup. Another free entree was a very hard white cabbage. (Chiobu said, “Can eat this raw meh???”) First, you squeeze sour lemon over the very salty, slightly sweet bean sauce. Then you dip the almost tasteless white cabbage in the sauce. Crunchy like celery but much tastier.

Mixed Sashimi for $40. While they were relatively fresh, we didn’t think it was value-for-money. $40 should buy you a meal, not a few pieces of sashimi.

We also had Set A ($19) and Set B ($25) of sumiyaki. Set A consists of beef short rib, asparagus rolled with pork, chicken meat ball, golden mushroom rolled with beef, and pork belly. Set B has rib eye, scallop rolled with pork, rice cake rolled with pork, chicken wing and goose liver (foie gras).

It is difficult to pick the better set because they all have positive and negative food in them. The bad ones you should avoid: from set A, pork belly (too hard), beef short rib (overcooked) and from set B, scallop rolled in pork (tasteless), rice cake with pork (too sticky and bland and starchy). The fantastic ones are: from Set B, rib eye (very tender), chicken wing (flavorful!), and goose liver (melts in your mouth!).

Service was good and attentive.

Overall, everything–the food, the service and the ambience–was satisfactory but not overly memorable. We won’t come out of the way to eat this but if we are in the area, then we wouldn’t mind. Including $2 green tea per person, and GST, etc, we paid $104 for two persons.

Shunjuu Izakaya
30 Robertson Quay
#01-15 Riverside View
Singapore  238257
T: 6887 3577

Rating: 3.018/ 5 sumiyaki

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