Food On Fire, Capital Square Three

Featured on 8Days, Wine&Dine, and Exquisite, the decor is canteen-style, so this is really a eat-and-go place but there are several selling points:
1. Guilt-free healthy Indian food! less salt, less oil, less cream, no MSG.
2. “We don’t own a freezer,” says the owner; food is freshly prepared daily.
3. Chefs are from India, so there is a degree of authenticity.
4. The owner’s ancestry is from Gujarat, and it was the first shop in Singapore to sell Gujarati dal dhokli, only available on Wednesdays 12-3pm.
5.  Owner’s extended family lives in India so they buy fresh spices, pound and mix them themselves and ship it over to Singapore freshly.

A friend and I shared the angmoh-influenced lamb kebab wrap ($11) with plenty of fresh vegetables, a naan as wrap, and two sauces, a spicy one and a yogurt-based one. This is good lunch food, as I remember fondly of my New York Ah Beng Training Days when I ate wrap for lunch. There wasn’t a stench of the lamb. The texture of hot lamb and crunchy vegetables fit well together. The spiciness of the lamb was padded by the vegetables and the spice left a tingling sensation on my lips. Hot lips! Good to kiss any time!

Meat Platter ($20). The food came sizzling on the hotplate and the aroma was mouthwatering. Taste-wise, it was average for us–we thought the spices could be heavier–but the meat was tender and succulent.

My friend and I also had Chicken Masala set ($9.50) and Chicken Makhani (butter chicken, $9.50), which come with a naan each and are popular for lunch. The Makhani was definitely the better of the two. The masala was salty for us but the Makhani chicken had a deep roasted, very smokey taste that I liked very much and can’t stop eating. The chicken really absorbed the essence of the tandoor (clay oven). Some people may find it strange, but I found it unique and interesting. I’d come back for this.

I don’t like lime juice ($2.80), because it’s either too sour or diabete-ly sweet, but here, the balance was superb. This is the only lime juice I can recall that I like very much but I wonder if it can be cheaper. $2, maybe?

In general, although I love spicy-hot food, I can’t take it but the food here was ok to my palate, fierce enough but not so fiery to cover the taste of the food. Unlike my other experiences of eating Indian food, we didn’t feel heavy and lethargic after eating. It tasted decent too. The price seems reasonable as the eatery is in CBD area. An eatery that survives 8 years in such a competitive area can’t be bad.

Food on Fire
25 Church St
#01-07 Capital Square Three
Singapore  049482
T: 6533 5525
M-F: 8am-10pm
Close on weekends

Rating: 3.002/ 5 stars 

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