Koji Sushi Bar 米花, China Square Central: Decent Japanese at Affordable Prices

koji sushi bar china square reviewBy the same people of Shunjuu Izakaya and defunct Satsuma Shochu Dining, Koji is helmed by Chef Benny Cheong (who also works at Shunjuu). Nigiri sushi comes in sets of 5, starting from a reasonable $9++ to $23++.  You can also get the popular donburi rice bowls at $17. For dinner, in addition to the a la carte, there is omakase, priced at $68++ and $85++. If you want the omakase, you must make the reservation by 3pm the same day.

koji sushi bar singapore menu

koji sushi bar singapore priceWe changed the chirashi don ($17++) to brown rice. They added crispy tempura bits into the rice, and the tangy sauce made the don appetizing. But the brown rice was hard like barley. Should have stuck to white rice. Damn my hipster health consciousness.

koji japanese restaurant singapore

koji japanese restaurant SGFor sushi, we ordered all four sets, Set A (cheapest, $9++) to Set D (most expensive $23++). Wasabi was hidden beneath the slices, and a customer has to brush the soy sauce on the sushi herself/himself. Rather fun. While the slices had a nice, bouncy texture, I found the sushi lacking in flavors. The rice wasn’t vinegary enough, and the seafood wasn’t aged long enough. There was too much wasabi, too choking.

Koji Sushi SingaporeThe service was good. The space was modern but rather cramped, and fat men like me sat uneasily. Affordability was the advantage of this joint. At a similar price point to Sushi Tei, Koji’s food had a better quality. We spent $105 for three persons, or $35 for one.

Koji Sushi Bar

3 Pickering Street, China Square Central #01-42 Singapore 048660
T: +65 6225 6125
M-Sat 11.30am-3pm, 5-10pm
Rating: 2.9/5 stars

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