Handburger, Raffles City Mall

I ordered a Nutella milkshake with marshmallows. I like them both but they are only a good, not lethal, combination although the marshmallows were mushy inside, just the way I like it. What could go wrong with nutella milkshake except, as Lydia said, “It’s too hard, I cannot suck your milkshake!” and giggled. How sexually deprived we are.

This is the Original Hand Burger which comes with a side dish of fries or coleslaw-filled tomato. Should have chosen the fries because the (surprise!) coleslaw into a whole tomato was not heart-attacking! The mayonnaise was too sparing and the tomato was hard. I have no teeth. Thick slab of wet juicy patty, caramelized onion, cheese and crunchy fresh lettuce – good but lacked a killer punch. Eat with your hands please to experience the full flavor. The huge portion was value for money, the entire meal was only $20, eat till you puke. Cheap and good.

But the best part had to be the autistic staff. Our fries were late and they gave us 2 complimentary servings of vegetable waffle fries and an extra serving of fries. But the stuttering waiter took an entire run-on never-ending paragraph to explain what was going on. Because our fries were late, we had 5 wooden trays, instead of 4 (one for each person), and another waiter came along to ask us why we had 5 trays in a childlike manner. Dude, just clear the extra tray. Great service, autistic but friendly waiters – it was fun.

The Handburger
252 North Bridge Rd
Raffles City Shopping Centre
T: 6334 4577

Rating: 3.672/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, $20-$40, City Hall, Western

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