Tampopo, Clarke Quay

I ordered a spicy black pig ramen, ChioBu Rich ramen, and a friend, a curry rice or something. (Friend said, “Hey! Don’t discriminate against my rice. Take a photo of it too.” Such a waste of my digital space.)

Both the ramen-s are chef’s recommendations and to me, they suck. Mine was virtually tasteless. The black pig pork was miserable and sad-looking. The egg is supposed to be hard-boiled white with runny yolk but in this case, it was runny all over. ChioBu , however, said that the soups were excellent without any MSG (she knew this by not being thirsty after drinking them).

I had a taste of the curry rice and I didn’t like it too. I know Japanese curry is supposed to be sweet but this was too sweet, no kick, although the anorexic Friend seemed to enjoy it, finishing half a bowl of it! *gasps* That is a record for her! She must be really hungry.

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court
T: 6338 3186

Rating: 2.899/5 stars (not worth queuing for)

Categories: $0-$20, City Hall, Japanese

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