Ichiban Boshi, Esplanade

Although the restaurant was decorated nicely, it just wasn’t an expensive restaurant. So at this time, I told Meng, “Er..from the outside, it looked quite posh but now I think the food is going to be horrible.” The service was normal service, not like posh restaurants, but not rude either.

Meng didn’t order any main course, just seven little expensive sides: oyster, wagyu beef, squid stuff with garlic rice, teriayaki chicken salad, sashimi for two (including 3 slices of tuna, octopus, swordfish, salmon and yellowtail each), and scallops. (I forgot the 7th dish.)

They weren’t fantastic but they were of a reasonable quality for the relatively cheap price and the quantity was satisfying. But Meng paid $100 in total.

Ichiban Boshi
Esplanade Mall
T: 6423 1151

Rating: 3.214/5 stars

Categories: $40-$60, Japanese, Marina Bay

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