CLOSED: Post Museum, Little India

Pu’er Tea Noodles


Laksa Pasta

Fried Shitake Mushrooms

Post-Museum has an interesting concept to pull the “community” socially and artistically together, so the food is vegetarian and organic. It also hosts many free events to exchange ideas and skills. First time at Post-Museum half a year ago was memorable so we returned for a second time. We ordered a salad; fried shitake mushrooms; Pu-er tea noodles with vegetables; and laksa pasta. I had a smoothie blend and my friend had a bottle of juice to boost immunity.

My friend and I usually play “Dish of the Day,” judging which food is the best but this time round, we had to play “Worst Dish.” Every dish was horrible, and tasteless, like they ran out of salt or something. What could go wrong with fried mushrooms, right? Except they had no taste. The Pu-er tea noodles, which should have been an interesting idea, tasted bitter! And a bottle of juice, which can fill 3 glasses, is more expensive than ordering the juice individually in glasses.

The server was grumpy and mosquitoes were sucking the blood out of us. At the end of the meal, my friend said he was very full but unsatisfied at all, he felt like eating good things to wash the bad food down.

Post Museum
109 Rowell Rd
T: 6396 7980

Rating: 1.892/5 stars

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