Indochine Waterfront Restaurant, Asian Civilisations Museum

Been wanting to visit this restaurant because I’m sourcing for potential date places and because I love Vietnamese food.

At 4pm, Jane was starving (although I had been eating, including an entire huge packet of potato chips, the entire day) so we skipped Asian Civilization Museum, and went next door to the restaurant. Hey! Food over Knowledge, ok? The ambience was exoticizing Asia, obviously a tourist trap for White people. But I love it! That being said, the chairs were exceedingly comfortable, which almost made me want to have rattan chairs in my future apartment.

Jane ordered a burger and I, stewed beef glass noodle soup. Jane’s burger had a beef stench to it, and both our dishes were too salty. I very much prefer the Vietnamese Beef Noodles at Va Va Voom. I crave for it now and then, oh god, I must have it soon.

The service was ok, our glasses of water kept refilling itself magically, although at one time, when we wanted to order, there was no server in the empty restaurant.

All in all, a pleasant but not memorable experience.

Indochine Waterfront Restaurant
1 Empress Place
Asian Civilisations Museum
T: 6339 1720

Rating: 3.048/5 stars

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