MOVED: Private Affairs, Joo Chiat

Edit: Private Affairs have moved to Boon Tat Street.

Trust me, I’ve been eating buffets since 2001 and have tried almost all buffets. You name it, I ate it. Private Affairs takes the cake.

Duck Rilette and Oyster with caviar

The service by cute NS boys was impeccable. When did I become a snob? for I love the exclusivity of the restaurant, able to sit only 40 people. Love the jazz music and the dark restaurant. The atmosphere was very relaxed.

Poached Egg and Sunny Essentials and Poached Egg

Since I’ve tried almost ALL the food on the buffet menu, I’ll do a break-down:
1. Buttermilk pancake: fluffy but rather bland
2. Sunny Essentials (include yoghurt, strawberry & raisins muesli, scones, chocolate-chip muffins): the yoghurt was acridly sour but everything else was wonderful! Love the muesli. The scone had an amazing basil cream companion. The muffin was good but not as memorable as the basil cream.
3. Scramble eggs and poached egg: I didn’t want carbs so I ordered the scrambled, which was sad. My sister ordered the poached egg, which came with ham and bagel. According to her, it was delightful.
4. Oysters: Some strange sauces, which went very well with the oysters, but the oysters weren’t very fresh.
5. Salmon carpaccio and Duck rilette – forgettable.

Alaskan Crab Soup

6. Alaskan crab soup – One of the best soups I’ve drank. But too rich to take in copious amount.
7. hokkaido scallops – such a pity that the chef used curry powder to mask the taste of scallops. Good ingredients could have been plainly managed to bring up the taste.
8. Alaskan king crab cake – more potato than crab. Skip this.
9. kurobuta pork ribs – OMG, I couldn’t stand the stench of this. It was revolting but when I put it in my food, it was crispy and sweet and fresh and chewy, none of the pork stench at all.
10. foie gras – Too oily but otherwise, very well-done. The accompanying apple espuma and caramelized apple are wins.

Hokkaido scallops and foie gras

11. Monkfish: fresh.
12. Wagyu burger: again too oily but otherwise, this was delicious with truffle mayo.
13. Snapper fish (Sunday Special): I like this for its innovation, not taste. It’s like sushi, the snapper was wrapped in egg, which is in turn wrapped in pastry.

Sunday Special

4. Desserts (include passionfruit cheesecake, raspberry chocolate tart, sticky date pudding, green tea red bean mousse, sesame ice cream): all well-done but not exceptional.

The reason why this restaurant is good is because all the food are evenly good and of high quality, the chefs do not cut corners, unlike some buffets which have good and bad food.

Private Affairs
45 Joo Chiat Place
T: 6440 0601

Rating: 4.357/5 stars


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