Closed: Osvaldo Ristorante Italiano, White House

People spending $200 per person at Forlino are idiots. Forlino’s full name is Osvaldo Forlino. Apparently he fell out with the management at his former restaurant, Forlino, and set up a new one, Osvaldo. Osvaldo is less pretentious and pricy but the standards are maintained. Ingredients are flown in from Italy every Tuesdays and Fridays; meat from Australia and USA. I like this concept very much, to cater affordable and good food to people, instead of merely to elites. This is what all good restaurants should aspire to do.

Let’s face it. The illegal Hispanic immigrants in New York make the best pizzas in the world. Even the crummiest pizza nook in New York beats the best pizza in Singapore. But this pizza at $20 is quite tasty, and the ingredients are fresh although it isn’t as good as Ricciotti’s. Forlino came to chat with us; he was very amicable and nice.

Kim and Jol shared a tiramisu and I wanted a souffle all to myself. “You girls can only take one bite EACH. NO MORE.” At first, I thought my souffle was very ordinary but it grew on me. Instead of getting sick of so much chocolate, which is usually the case, I managed to like the souffle more and more and more. The desserts are expensive though – from $14 each.

The decor isn’t very classy. Kim and Joly thought one waitress was rude; I thought she was just oblivious. Still, it was a very enjoyable experience and the restaurant will become one of my haunts from now.

Rating: 4.009/5 stars

Categories: $20-$40, $40-$60, Italian

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