Morton’s, Mandarin Oriental

Martinis are martinis but Morton’s martinis are quite wonderful, a right blend of alcohol and synthetic diabetes-inducing syrup. I didn’t quite like the Appletini (too sour for me) but the Lychee and Chocolate ones are great.
Happy hours start from 5pm to 7pm. With three rounds of free steak burgers. If, like me, you can’t afford the $200 steak, then these burgers are the way to go. Who cares if the meat come from some inferior part of the cow, left over from the steaks?
The first time I was there, it was quite a wonderful experience. We drank enough to get a buzz that made us horny and we started calling our fuck buddies. The steak burgers were juicy and tender and the condiments (just a touch of mayo and mustard) went amazing with the burgers and soft buns. Alcohol + beef = aphrodisiac. Don’t judge my friends! But today, the quality was so terrible I couldn’t believe it was the same burger. The bun was horrible; the steak was too raw and tough.
Not to mention the service. The waitress skipped our table TWICE to serve the white people on our right and on our left. Once, I could forgive, but twice, I couldn’t believe that this was an accident.
However, when I reflected this to the manager, he very kindly offered to make us new burgers, but since we were leaving for dinner, we didn’t want any and he waived the price of two drinks for us (we ordered 5).
Dress code: shoes and jeans at least
Tel: 6339 3740
(Try to make reservations as this is a popular hangout.)
Cost: about $10 a martini
Ambience: Love the bar/lounge ambience
Rating: 3.5728 stars.

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