Eatzi, Yishun

A pornstar once said that because he is huge, he doesn’t notice whether other people’s tools. Well, while that applies to certain anatomy, I like my meat big fat and juicy..and medium-rare. Do you know that’s the best way to eat beef? Medium-rare. Rare is too bloody, and medium would lose some juice.

I have been wanting to eat lunch at Eatzi for a long time because it looks cheap and I crave steak but I never manage to wake up early enough until today. The set lunch is rather worth it, since it comes with a soup, a main, dessert and tea/coffee. You can take a look at the menu.
But honestly, everything was just average: the service, the ambience, the food. The food was good enough to be say “Oh for the price I’m paying, don’t complain.” The servers were not well-trained but at a neighbourhood restaurant, one would say, “Aiya, never mind lah.” The decor is tacky, but if you sit at the al fresco area, you can look at the Yishun Safra swimming pool. It is quite a beautiful sight, especially today when it was raining. The other patrons must have thought I was very emo, eating alone.
If you find the food familiar, it’s because it’s the halal subsidiary of Jack’s Place.
All in all, a forgettable experience. I won’t return.
Safra Yishun
60 Yishun Ave 4
S 769027
Tel: 6852 8270/ 6756 2118
Rating: 2.6423/5 stars.

Categories: $0-$20, $20-$40, Halal, Western, Yishun

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