Kim Dae Mun, Concorde Hotel

Fact: There are few good food places around Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Left with little choice, Isaac brought me to a Korean stall at the food court of Concorde Hotel to eat. (We always end up eating Korean food.)

I have been here before, but I usually always eat the Thai food because (if you’re old enough) you would remember that the entire food court used to sell only Thai food; I think at that point in time, the hotel brought in Thais to run the stalls. Even after many of the Thai stalls have relinquished to other cuisines, I still only eat the Thai noodles.
Isaac ordered for us both: potato pancake; spicy beef soup; and hotplate chicken.
Even as a child, I was so gay that I hated carbs, I disliked potato very, very much (except for potato chips): french fries, mashed potato, baked potato, hated it. I disliked the starchy earthy texture. I discover the Atkins diet.
So it was rather unbelievable to me when Isaac told me this was made of potato. No starchy taste at all! It tasted sweet, a bit like roti prata, and when dipped in the sauce (soy sauce, vinegar, chili, sesame oil), there was a mingling of tastes, and none overpowered the other. But eat while hot because it loses its crisp.
Let it be stated that I hate anything hotplate. I do like the aroma and the sizzling but I think food don’t taste good on hotplate because the heat overcooks and dehydrates the food. The stall proudly announces that they use water, not oil, on their hotplate. This dish was good, the meat was still moist, but it is not fantastic.
Spicy beef soup: tofu, beef, vegetables, stalks of spring onions, egg. Not spicy one. Plus the serving of beef was very sad. The beef got lonely in my stomach, you know, it longed for its other body parts with it. I love spring onions but the stalks were too long to chew on it effectively. Yet the soup was quite savory. Its mildness was quite welcome.
Other people on Hungry Go Where say that this stall is authentic. The stall servers are Koreans, but aiya I’ve never been to Korea, who I know this is authentic or not? Anyway, these days, food got authentic one meh? All copy each other one, or adjusted to suit the taste of locals. But mai heam lah, it’s food court and it’s cheap leh. It’s delicious enough lah. Plus the food court is usually quite empty, I like that.
Kim Dae Mun
Concorde Hotel Food Court
Rating: 3.0124/5 stars

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