Kim Huat Fish Soup, Maxwell Market

Ok, it’s not Kim Huat, it’s Jin Hua. I’m being cheeky in translating the Chinese to Hokkien.
My friend is leaving for France to work for three months and she was craving for this fish soup, claiming that it is the “best fish soup in Singapore!” Her opinion is echoed by ieatishootipost.
Wah lao eh, when we were there on a hot Saturday afternoon, the queue was so long. I have a philosophy about food: I NEVER QUEUE. There is good food everywhere in Singapore; why be so hard up?
But aiya, you know, my friend wanted this, and I am such a loyal friend and such a gentleman that I queued lor. Plus the stall assistant is cute. Can see him longer.
We had a fried fish bee hoon and a sliced fish soup. As any decent food critic can tell you, in fish soup, the most important thing is the fish soup. I don’t know if I am picky or my tastebuds are on a protest or what, but I just can’t taste the savoriness of the soup. I mean, there is taste but it’s not bursting, not as good as my friend and ieatishootipost claim that it is. The fish slices were fresh but aiya, it’s Singapore leh, hawkers dare to sell stale fish meh? Kanna complain will revoke license leh. Everywhere also fresh fish what. Very special meh?
So yes, my verdict is it is NOT worth the queue. Singaporeans, don’t see queue, then queue leh.
Maxwell Food Center
11am – 8pm
Close on Thur
Rating: 3.2314/5 stars

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