Cooking: Aglio Olio Tricolored Fusilli with Chicken and Celery

I love to cook; used to cook all the time when I lived by myself; and SHOULD have been a chef. I blame it on the educational system on forcing us to hierarchize different jobs.
So “Aglio Olio” is just a very fancy name for pasta that has been tossed in olive oil, garlic, and cheese.
Fusilli is my favorite pasta because it’s convenient to eat, and the great surface area to its volume ratio allows it to absorb more sauce. See how I put my scientific education to good use. I bought an organic pasta with tomato in some of them (the red colored strands), vegetable in some of them (the green ones), and just normal yellow color ones.
Basically, the recipe is stir-fry the chicken and celery in garlic and olive oil. Throw in the cooked pasta. Toss them. Add two eggs over it and let to simmer for a while. Add salt and pepper and, if you like, add mixed Italian herbs. Serve in a bowl, sprinkle with cheese.
Aiya, I dunno what the proportions are, and I don’t know how long I cooked it lah. Just agar-agar lah. I’m the intuitive chef, that’s why I’m so suitable to be one. I think chefs who use measuring equipments are lousy. It took about 20-30 minutes to cook, including boiling the pasta. (Only 1 stove working in my flat! very poor.) Could have cut down the cooking time by half if two stoves are working.
Very simple, healthy and quite delicious. By quite delicious, I mean got taste lah.

Categories: Italian, Recipe

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