Kenny Rogers, Suntec

Had a voucher at il Lido Cafeteria, which expires on 30th Nov. $5 voucher leh! A lot of money. So I asked my friend to go with me to Suntec. Very funny hor, il Lido is not at Lido but at Suntec. My friend was very patient even though we were very hungry. We couldn’t find the place, so we searched and searched and finally realized that the restaurant has closed down! Wah lao eh, the bosses have no foresight leh, closed down before the expiry of the voucher. I want my $5 back.

Because we past by Kenny Rogers, my friend wanted to eat it. I dunno what the people on HGW complain about leh, the service was ok what. When we sat there, they immediately served up hot corn muffins and we hadn’t even ordered yet! Everything was fine, the food was up to standard, chicken was tender, but the mac and cheese was watery, though still cheesy. But how come they don’t serve water? The meals are quite expensive, you know, ever since they hire servers, instead of self-service. 1/2 chicken meal costs $21, when it used to cost $14 in the past. 1/4chicken-and-half-slab-of-ribs (6 bones) costs $30 leh. And they don’t serve water? What kinda of restaurant is it?
Anyway, the main point is, my loyal readers (which is myself and my sister), will know that I’ve been keeping count of calories through an iphone app. I mean, I don’t consciously try to keep in range lah. I just want to account for my food. Guess how much calories a Kenny Rogers meal has?

Wah lao, can die. That’s enough calories to feed Ethiopia FOR A YEAR.

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