Recipe: Aglio Olio Tricolored Fusilli with Salmon and Red Pepper

Needed to finish the remaining fusilli from last session of cooking. Don’t waste food, ok? People in Africa are starving.

Pan-fry your salmon but DON’T ADD OIL. The salmon has oil on its own and you know why salmon is so fat? because it’s reserving its fat to swim upstream, against the tide, to make love with its lover for one time and when it is upstream and finished having sex, it would have used up all the fat and die, lying in the sun. What salmon do for love – you cruel bastards, catching virgin-salmon before they swim upstream and eating them. At least you can have sex with them first!
Anyway, when the virgin salmon is nearly cooked, throw in the red pepper. Throw in the cooked pasta. Add salt and pepper and rosemary/italian herbs. Rosemary has a stronger and not as much a pleasant smell as basil, and is usually used for pork dishes. But I find that it goes well with salmon.
Even though the salmon is like 80 calories per 30 grams (and I ate 330g of salmon), but aiya, this dish is oil-free you know. You’re using virgin-juice, and drinking virgins maintains your youth, so I maintain that it’s healthy.

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