Senat Thai, Maxwell Market

Been wanting to eat Green Curry for the longest time and I don’t want pre-made, microwaved heated ones at chain-restaurants like SXXXXX Thai or Thai ExXXXXX. But Senat Thai at Maxwell Market always has queues. Not only do I not queue, but I hate disorganized queues! This one has no system so people can just intercept and order in front of you. Since I pretty much hate picking a fight with anyone, including queue-cutters, I avoid such circumstances completely.
But Swimmer Ass/Hu Jun (which is a better nick?) is very sweet and patient and offered to queue for me. He looked very dashing and distinguished that day, in his white starched shirt and dress striped pants.
I had green curry with rice; he had fried vermicelli (pad thai); we shared a tom yum and an oyster cake I love so much.
When I first ate the green curry, I went OMG OMG OMG. And Swimmer Ass said, “Wow, you’re very exaggerating leh. You didn’t even react like that during ___.” These eat-to-live kinda people huh, I hate them, they don’t know how to appreciate good food, so they don’t eat in excess and don’t get fat. That’s why Swimmer Ass has broad chest and abs and such an ass, even though he only swims 3 times a week. Damn his good genes! Need to get some of it into my family! Oops, already got it. High five!
It’s hard to describe Thai food. The green curry was wonderfully milky, not spicy; the tom yam was also toned down, not as spicy but sour (which I like); and the pad thai is the best I’ve eaten! And this coming from someone who just came back from Bangkok.
My only gripe is that they don’t give a lot of meat. Swimmer Ass said, “Because in Thailand, meat is expensive. Which means these dishes are authentic!” Yes, I can tell from the Thai chef and helper.
Worth the wait; worth the queue. But I won’t queue for it myself.
Senat Thai
Maxwell Market
Stall #85
Rating: 4.392/5 stars

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