Sho Teppan, Ion

Every time I walk past Sho Teppan, there is a queue and I never queue. So I always thought it’s a sushi place! Luckily, Swimmer Ass and I met on a weekday afternoon for lunch. No crowd. I wanted to find a cheap deal place, you know, those insanely expensive and unaffordable restaurants that offer $20 set lunch on weekdays, but we walked past this and I was hungry.
Swimmer Ass ordered the teppanyaki (fried one), and I ordered scallop Shabu-Shabu, with soy sauce soup, and an extra side dish of chicken. Shabu-shabu on a winter’s night is very, very fulfilling.
Basically you dumped everything into the hot pot and let it cook. The scallops weren’t very fresh and were unevenly sliced, affecting the texture. The chicken was too fat; if I wanted something fat, I would have ordered pork. The soup was bland too. The egg is usually used as a dip, but since the soup was bland, I threw the egg in, and the taste improved by leaps and bounds. Strange how adding something, or subtracting something can affect the gestalt so much – sort of like human relationships.
The servers were efficient, polite and they even smiled! But somehow I felt that they were just doing their jobs. Then again, who can be sincere in serving others?
I’m sorry but I cannot see the fascination with this restaurant. I think it’s just something of a novelty and situated at a good location. But nothing to boast again. Don’t queue anymore lah, Singaporeans. Have some standards.
Sho Teppan
2 Orchard Turn
#B3-19 Ion Orchard
S 238801
Tel: 6509 9969
Rating: 3/5

Categories: $20-$40, Japanese, Orchard

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