Moved: One Caramel, The Luxe

Moved: to One Rochester Park.

One Caramel is under the same people who manage One-Altitude and One-Rochester – so you know that it is meant to be a posh place. Very smart huh, using “one-” to represent their #1 status and to link the eateries/bars together. To be #1 is to be very high-class, but aiya, too bad I’m very beng-ish leh. High class is not my style. I like restaurants to have a homey and cosy feel. You know lah, I like food that can feed the masses.

Posh places, you know, treat angmohs better too. When I was there, the waitress treated us like we were invisible, and we needed to attract the waitress’s attention to order but when an angmoh was walking in, the waitress actually went to open the door for him, and chatted very amicably with him. I dunno lah. Maybe I ah beng, waitress doesn’t like; old angmoh with buddha belly, smelling of money, waitress likes. Money talks. (Actually hor, the angmoh looks poor. I dunno why Singaporeans still have a mindset that all angmohs are rich. In the past, they entered Singapore at a managerial level but these days, Singaporeans are more capable and educated. Have you seen the education system in the West? It’s in a shambles. But I also dunno why Singaporeans are so racist: in a Singapore company, when Singaporeans are clearly better qualified, angmohs get promoted. Maybe it’s because angmohs can talk cock better, sell themselves better. Singaporeans, don’t be so shy lah, be more shameless.)
The first time I was here, I ordered the Strawberry Short Cake, which is my favorite cake. I always order the Strawberry Short Cake. My Cordon Bleu baker-friend was with me today; and he ordered this. (He was checking out the competition.) You should see the lackadaisical way he ate this. “Much as I like baking cakes, I don’t like eating them.” He said that there was nothing to complain–he said “complain,” I said “hiam”–about the cake. It is as good as it can get. But I was more picky. I mean, it was a good cake, but comparing to Sun Moulin’s strawberry short cake, One Caramel really fell short. I am talking about Sun Moulin when the Japanese were still the bakers. These Japanese really know how to bake cakes. The Sun Moulin cake was so soft and fluffy and ethereal, it’s like eating air. One Caramel’s cake was heavier and more normal.
I always order the red velvet cake, because it is my favorite cake. When this came, I was, “Eh, this one is red velvet meh?” Because the ones I had in New York is bright red; this red was blood red. Actually, do you know red velvet cake is just a normal cake with lots and lots of red coloring? I checked out the recipe when I couldn’t find a decent red velvet in Singapore, so I thought of baking it myself.
The cake iz zee zalty! No lah, not too salty. But it is a little salty, and the saltiness may go unnoticed by some people. But eh I’m gourmet Beng – GourBeng. The head chef was behind me and I turned around to ask her. She was very friendly and nice and sociable and she explained it very well. I like her. She’s an asset to the place. She explained that the cherries inside are sweet but the chocolate is a little bitter, so they added salt to the cream cheese so that the sweetness and bitterness don’t clash.
Original but we didn’t buy that. In New York, the red velvet cakes are cream – so why not remove the chocolate and use cream instead? My baker-friend said, “That’s because cream goes bad quickly and cream cheese has a longer shelf life. And that’s why my strawberry short cake isn’t as fresh too because I suspect they use cream cheese instead of cream.”
It’s sad lah, having to balance business and the quality of the food. Watch out for this space, when my friend opens his own bakery, and I my bookshop, and we already have a very imaginative name to call our place! We promise we won’t compromise our quality. I won’t sell those trashy romance novels with long-haired, bare-chested man and a woman swooning in his steroid-arms (do you know how popular these books are???). And my friend will always use fresh cream. We won’t make money; we don’t want money. We want to serve the people.
One Caramel
6 Handy Road
The Lux
(Beside Cathay)
Sun-Thu: 11 am – 11pm
Fri-Sun: 11am – 1am
Tea-time promotion: 3pm – 6pm ($10 for a cake and drink)
Tel: 6338 3282
Rating: 3.213/5 stars

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