Dallas, Boat Quay

My friend said, “Let’s go Dallas.”

I was thinking, what the heck is Dallas? Am I very outdated not to know where it is??? But I pretended to be very suave and said, “Ok.” I googled it and it is at Boat Quay. My first thought was, “TOURIST TRAP.”
I had already graded my students’ papers in the day but the school’s system was unkind and I had to spend AN HOUR uploading my grades. Work comes first right? So I was late for 30 minutes and I 2-fast-2-furious down to Boat Quay…and my friend was later. WIN. I am always usually on time; it’s a New York habit that I’m trying to kick but apparently Singaporeans are always late. let me tell you something: if you’re late in New York, you’re out. There is no such thing as fashionably late in New York. Singaporeans, please catch up with 1st world habits please.
But I am never angry at people being late, except at this friend. Seriously, she’s late one too many time. But today was eve of Deepavali, and I had finished my work, and the breeze was cool on a hot day, and what a wonderful view from across the water: “Asian Civil Museum.” (The other letters failed to light up in “Civilisation.”) It was a Beer Moment. Kick back and relax. To my right, there was a irritating group of French women (and a man), making the most barbarous ruckus, singing to Glee songs. To my left, there were three businessmen (one of them is white), oh you could tell they are VERY successful from the way they dressed. Stiffly starched collars and carefully tailored shirts and pants of an exquisite material. The banker sort. Very rich. I was attracted to one of them–Hey! Money attracts! Don’t judge–and at the back of my head, I was thinking…DOUCHEBAGS.
So you know the clientele is mostly upscale and white–why am I not surprised? Even though my friend vehemently disavows that she is NOT SPG, but who could tell she’s NOT SPG from the men she prefers and the places she hangs out?
But although Dallas is by the river, it is surprisingly NOT a tourist trap. You would think that this is a drinking place but the food was very, very decent.
According to my favorite blogger, ladyfreefoodironchef, (My friend said: “Hey what is the selling point of your food blog? ishootieatipost focuses on photos; ladyironchef already took away your ah-qua status. I replied, “Honesty.”), anyway, actually to my favorite blogger, he said that the specialty is baby pork ribs…and of course we didn’t order that.
BBQ Barramundi. AMAZING. The skin was crispy but the meat was still tender and moist. I’m a fag, which means my DNA dictates that I hate carbs. I hate potatoes in all forms since I was a kid (I was way ahead of my time, ahead of atkins diet) but the mashed potato had a secret ingredient that made it very un-potatoey; it didn’t have the earthliness and the carbs taste. The dip for the fish was to die for. It was mayonnaise mixed with something. Quite wonderful for $24 although I wish the portion was bigger. I mean, it’s $24, not $15 you know.
My friend said she always orders the steak burger. The coleslaw sucked. But the Dallas fries were very tasty. I couldn’t stop stealing her fries. I didn’t taste the burger but the “steak” seemed to be leftover meat from steaks, and looked very pathetic. $19. I think my fish was more worth the money.
My friend said, “NOBOBY comes to Dallas for dessert.” I said, “I’m nobody… nobody but you. Let’s order.” I always order dessert. I can do without the main but not dessert. I liked everything at Dallas so far but the brownie was an EPIC FAIL. You know you can buy those pre-mixed brownie powder in supermarkets and bake it yourself..this brownie was worse than the pre-mixed. And the ice cream! I can forgive restaurants not making their own ice cream but this vanilla ice cream really sucks. Is it Marigold? I should have listened to my friend.
Later, two friends joined us and we ordered drinks. I didn’t have the menu so I told the waitress I wanted to a glass of white wine and when we got the bill, she got the most expensive white wine for me. I thought that was presumptuous of her, not to ask me. I usually say that the servers are more attentive to white people but in this case, the server in charge of my area is a boy and he seems more attentive to women, which seems fair to me, considering how I am attentive to men.
Overall, the rowdy atmosphere was fun; it was a fun place to hang out with my friends, except we had to shout at each other to raise above the boisterous French people. The food was good; the service was ok (too crowded, understaff). The view was wonderful. Should be a date place on a less crowded weekday.
Website (I hate website with music.)
Mon – Sat (except Fri): 10am – 2.30pm, 6pm to midnight
Fri: 10am – 2.30 pm; 6pm – 1am
close on Sunday
31 Boat Quay
(Seriously, it’s Boat Quay. My friend who joined us later asked where Dallas is, I told her, HELLO, Boat Quay only has a stretch of road. Walk it.”)
6532 2131
Rating: 3.469/5 stars

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  1. A bit late reading this, but I have to support your statement about ladyironchef. I only came across your blog after reading his for quite a while and wow, your honesty is very refreshing! At least you will point out how some food sucks, or how some restaurant sucks. Thumbs up for that and PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!

    We need some honest food blogs! Not blogs that praise every damn dish in a mediocre restaurant just because.


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