Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Lau Pa Sat

Note: The restaurant has moved to East Coast.

The last time we came here was such an amazing experience with such great pizzathat we had to return.

I warned the manorexic Tony Leung that my friend hates men who eat like a bird. (“Do you know the saying eat like a bird is wrong? Because birds eat a lot.”) So Tony Leung ate so much. I hadn’t seen him eat so much before; he’s really putting in effort to please my friends.
Etna has two kinds of pizza, cream-based and tomato-based pizzas. We ordered one from each category:
The first one was the Etna Pizza (cream-based), which we ate the last time too. Etna Pizza has: mozzarella; porcini mushrooms, parma ham, cream cheese, pistachio (imported from Bronte-Sicily). Most of the ingredients except for vegetables are imported from Italy. The green bits on the pizza are pistachio grounded into powder form. The moment I sunk my teeth into it, I was like, “MAN..what happened?” The crust was unevenly baked; the taste of the brick over was gone (although they were presumably still using brick oven); the mushroom tasted too strongly, like cum; and overall, the pizza was salty. It was still better than Pizza Hut, but man did the standard drop. It was no longer the best pizza I have in Singapore.
The second: Capricciosa pizza because we love eggs. Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, boiled eggs and cooked ham. This one was so average and forgettable. As I am typing this review, trying to recall the taste, I can’t even remember eating it. I remember my friends saying it was also salty too.
Still good service and quiet, romantic ambience though.
18 Raffles Quay #01-68
Lau Pa Sat
Tel: 6220 5513
Mon-Sat: 1130am – 2.30pm; 5pm – 1030pm
Rating:3.413/5 stars

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