Kopi & Tea Cafe, Parklane Shopping Center

I struck a million dollar lottery so I had to go down to Selegie area to collect my winnings – and to celebrate my MILLION dollar, we decided to eat cheap chicken rice.

I dunno how many of you remember, but 15 years ago, if you come to this area, the only good food was the chicken rice. My friend and I went in search of this elusive and mythic place but couldn’t find any. We only found Kopi and Tea Cafe, which looks old and rundown enough to be from 15 years ago. This is the famous chicken rice right?
There are three kinds of chicken: white, roasted or soy sauce. Since I can test the hormonal injections in white chicken, and I dislike soy sauce chicken immensely, I took the roasted one, the most fattening one lah. $3/$4/$5. I took the $4 one. Here I put my finger beside it to show you the serving:
I need to moisturize my finger. Anyway, the serving was quite small hor. The rice was cold, points were deducted because chicken rice’s chicken isn’t cooked on the spot so it’s already not hot and therefore the rice should be steaming hot. The chicken wasn’t very tender. But on the whole, it was quite tasty, better than average chicken rice. I only found out it was tasty long after I ate it. I kept burping the chicken in my mouth and the burp-air was very tasty and fresh. So the chicken rice should be nice.
Chicken liver and gizzards. $1. DAMN WORTH IT right? The liver was delicious, soft and didn’t have a strong liver stench but the gizzard was too chewy and hard. I think the shop-owners are very educated leh. You know what gizzard means? It means “belly/stomach.” I didn’t know that until I checked the dictionary.
Remember Tony Leung’s weird eating habits, that he cannot eat anything that looks like meat but he can eat out-of-shape meat? So he ordered lemon chicken rice. After we finished eating, as we were leaving the shop, I said mine was slightly above average and he said his sucked completely. It was so hard and tasteless. And seriously, why were the attention-seeking wantons there? Slut wantons, wanton wantons.
If you are around this area, this is a cheap and rather tasty alternative to Mad Jack at Pomo.
Kopi & Tea Cafe
Parklane Shopping Center
Rating: 3/5 stars

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