Santouka, Central Mall

I thought I did a review on Santouka before but I guess old already lah… my memory is failing me. The first time I went, I remember the food was terrible. This time:

I wanted to bring my friends to the Basketball Ramen at Central Mall, but when we were there at 8.30pm, there was a queue and my friends were famished. So we ran–seriously–ran to Santouka, famous for its Black Pork. I decided to give it another chance. This blog is all about second chances right?
The Singaporean waitress was very nice. She said that she would clear the table of gay men who just finished their food to see if they would leave. Ha ha. Now you know the tricks of waitering. So the three gay men left, replaced by us, another three gay men, two of whom (not me) just went to the gym.
I saw them leave and so I walked in, and a China waitress impatiently grumbled, YOU WAIT YOU WAIT. WE NEED TO CLEAR THE TABLE.
Seriously, they had already cleared the table. She only needed to put 3 glasses of water there…why can’t we sit? And why was her attitude so bad?
So we ordered. I ordered the miso soup based with a plate of pork.
I am very particular about eggs because the yolks are suppose to be runny. FAIL.
You should be able to tell what is wrong with the ramen? It was too oily. I only ate 1/3 of a bowl and I couldn’t eat anymore. ME, such a big eater, brought up to believe that one should always finish food, don’t waste food. But the oil was really too jelak for me. Greasy to the point of if I ate one more mouthful, I would vomit. Tasty but too oily.


Today, the pork didn’t have a porky stench anymore… but it was so, so salty for certain slices. Cold and though tender, it wasn’t that tender.
All in all, this ramen shop is very inferior in terms of food and service. There were only two good things here: (1) the hot japanese chef and (2) a hot japanese customer in crewcut, exec wear and perfect face, siting with his colleagues of 6 people. MAN, I need to migrate to Japan.
Central Mall
6224 0668
Daily – 11am – 9pm
Rating: 2.7823/5 stars

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