Tom's Palette, Shaw Tower

I was googling “Summer Palace” just now hor then I saw a infamous food blogger’s site so I went to read his review. Wow. His review sucks leh. Like that also can be famous and be invited to restaurant tastings? Lousy vocab, bad description of food, etc, etc. If I were his English teacher, I would say, WTF? So old already still write so badly. I’m very 38 hor.

Anyway, Tom’s Palette. Walk out of Ah Loy Thai, and you’ll see the ice cream shop. Recently, there have been many such homemade ice cream shops springing up: daily scoop, udders, etc…and guess which one is my favorite?
Not Tom’s Palette.
I have eaten the ice cream before but when I was there that day, the service was damn friendly lah. Maybe they recognize my handsome face as the #27 reviewer on HGW? Just kidding. I love the people there already. The other shops employ students, part-timers, but it seems like for this shop, the ice-cream makers are the service staff too. Well-done!
I have this trick that I use. I will try different flavors then say, “Ok I’ve decided. I’ll take X, the one I haven’t tried.” So I tried a few, then I said, “ok, I’ll take the masala chai!”
My friend said, “But you didn’t even try it.”
I said, “I’m adventurous.”
Then the ice cream maker said, “Er..you should try the masala chai because we don’t add a lot of sugar. The flavor can be too strong for some people.”
Yikes, she was right. Thanks for the warning. The salted egg ice cream was interesting, as interesting as iced salted egg yolk. The rum and raisin was too strong for me and I am underage for alcohol.
But in the end I settled for Salted caramel cheesecake. Very nice. I like it a lot. There are salt, caramel and cheesecake in the ice cream, so for those easily bored taste-buds, this one is a twister.
You can get two flavors in a cup, same price as a flavor in a cup. University students and staff get discount. Which means it’s only $2.50 a scoop for me. Sigh, it pays to be young, beautiful and an undergrad.
Tom’s Palette
100 Beach Road #01-25
Shaw Tower
Tel: 6296 5239
Mon-thu 12-9pm
fri-sat 12-10pm
close on sun
Rating: 4.291/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, City Hall, Dessert

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