CLOSED: Vegsenz, The Verge

Note: Seems like the restaurant has closed down. If you have any info on it, please leave a comment. I’d love to know where it has moved. It’s a good restaurant and shouldn’t close.

Two pieces of good news:

1. Sorry, I’ve been sick for a while, but I have recovered! more irrelevant food reviews coming up!
2. I’m beginning my Vegetarian Tuesdays again. I used to be vegetarian every Tuesday for nine months because hey! COWS CAN FEEL PAIN TOO. (by cows, i mean the farm animals, not fat girls.) They are living beings too, what make us humans think we’re above them to murder them? And do you know if everyone in the world has two vegetarian days in a week, global warming can be stopped? Oh, the reason I stopped Vegetarian Tuesdays is because I forgot about it after 9 months of doing the same thing every week!
So yeah, I hate restaurantz that spellz the namez like diz. Vegsenz. And I hate the lime-green tacky decor. But wow, I was surpriZed.
Emmy ordered the cold dish, colorful noodles ($8.50):
Before MarieFrance:
After Mariefrance:
Noodles, you lost weight!
There are three colors of pasta, made from vegetables, the normal yellow, the olive green and the army green. On top of the pasta, there are carrots (orange), beet root (purple), radish (white), alfalfa (expensive, color of money), a few mint leaves to taste. The fragrance comes from the white and black sesame seeds and the sunflower seeds add an additional crunch to the texture. The white sauce – soy mayonnaise, concocted by the restaurant itself, no eggs, no milk products.
The taste was delightful and strange. It tasted like herbal chee cheong fun. You will not get bored of the taste.
I was less health conscious and ordered the colorful millet rice ($8.50), which ought to be called
Mosses Parting the Sea
When the dish came, I could slap myself because I AM A COW, so damn stupid. Colourful noodles, colorful rice? get it? the ingredients are almost the same except guess? you guess? quick guess? I AM A COW right? Ordering the same dish as my friend.
Is Millet brown rice? I also dunno leh. According to Wikipedia, the ancient Chinese, Japanese and Korean used to eat this as their staple because it is hardy. Now, the largest producer is the Indian. Which MEANS IT’S CHEAP. Ta ma de, kanna cheated. I should have wiki first before I ordered.
The taste is sweet, like barley, but quite hard, harder than cheap brown rice. When mixed with thoroughly with the vegetables, the taste is quite different from the noodles, less starchy, more bite. There is a crunch to it, which is refreshing instead of being stubborn and hard. Quite delicious.
I hate green leafy vegetables, and I hate salad to the core. You see how difficult it is for me to be vegetarian, so this dish is perfect for a carnivore like me. It comes with a soup, light but tasty.
We shared a beancurd roll ($4.80) which is popiah in beancurd skin without eggs inside. Emmy liked this because he could taste the mushroom within. I think this is rather plain, without the sweet-not-spicy chili sauce. Love the sauce.
Good service, and the food exceeds my expectation. The food is fresh and all organic and I used to eat all organic because organic food not only means that the farmers use their own shit to fertilize the plants (instead of using chemicals), it also means that a fair portion of the profit is given to the farmers. Don’t want cancer? Eat organic.
One thing that I dislike is that the food wasn’t hot, which means it has been pre-cooked. But then again, most of the vegetables are raw, so no cooking is involved. All vitamins are absorbed!
2 serangoon rd
#01-24/25 The Verge
S 218227
Tel: 6392 0369
Email: vegsenz@gmail.com
Closed on Monday
Tue-Fri – 10am – 9.30pm
Rating: 4.3915/5 stars

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