King of Soup, Ion

Did a quick google on the Chinese Soup at Ion food court and nobody talked about it????
For those who have been eating at the newfangled soup places like *cough*Soup Spoon*cough*, you guys are idiots. You think you’re on a diet but do you know how fattening English soups are? So much cream, and cream=fat.
I was sick the other day, and wanted something light. I passed by this stall and looked longingly like a beggar child Oliver Twist outside a restaurant window. Then the auntie was so nice, she said, “Ah boy, come, I let you try the soup.”
So she gave me a sample. It was so heartwarming, like mother teresa to her orphan and a tear glittered in my eye. I checked my wallet, and there was only $10. DAMN IT. I would get the turtle soup if I had $12. So I ordered the Buddha Jump Over the Wall for $8. (Brown Rice $0.70.) Seriously, where can one get Buddha to jump over the wall at such cheap price?!?!
Then, after the server scooped the soup into the bowl, the auntie said to the server, “Eh, give more soup to the ah boy.” And I got more soup! Auntie-Killer strikes again. Kinda reminds me of the scene when Oliver Twist asks for more soup.
The soup is a miracle. No MSG! The science of MSG is that it opens up your taste buds, make the buds more sensitive and receptive, so everything tastes better. My friend works as a chef in a 5-star hotel restaurant and he says you have no idea how much MSG they put in everything. And even without MSG, the soup was so delicious. The abalone was firm and juicy, not the cardboard kind that Jia Xiang Mian serves. You can see the wolfberry, fish maw, and mushroom. Plenty of ingredients in the soup, good serving size, and very very tasty. Look at the color of the soup, man. You know it has been brewed for hours so that the flavors of all the ingredients are all in the soup, and yet the meat didn’t feel dry. Very SUPERB. Mindblowing. Tasty to the last drop.
The brown rice is hard but I think if you dump it in the soup, it would taste just right. Except since I was sick, I ate two mouths of rice then I stopped. But I finished the huge bowl of soup.
I know this is a branch from a famous shop in Chinatown. Does anyone know what?
King of Soup
Ion Food Opera (food court)
Stall 21
Rating: 4.7123/5 stars

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