Chong Qing Zheng Zong Shan Cheng Hotpot (重庆正宗山城火锅), Chinatown

Was starving after my volunteer work, which ended at 10pm, that day and walked past this row of steamboat restaurants at Chinatown, at New Bridge Road, between Kreta Ayer Road and Keong Saik Road.

I always wanted to go to one of these steamboat restaurants opened and run by PRCs. They are opened from 11am – 5am. Long hours.
So my friend and I dove in the restaurant with the most number of China patrons. I’m adventurous that way. You have to walk up to the cashier and pay first before eating. $15 nett per person, drinks not included.
We picked the pork rib soup and spicy soup.
Seriously, what are these patrons thinking about? If they pay a few dollars more, they could have eaten at Crystal Jade, which is infinitely better. The pork rib soup was tasteless. The meat (seen in the photo) were of very inferior quality, almost inedible. The crab had roe, but it would probably be lost in the steamboat. Ironically, the cooked food wasn’t bad. The fried rice was delicious but too oily. The rest of the cooked items were novelties. There was a beancurd skin fried with chili oil, quite interesting. The brown oblong thing – tasted like liver but tasted like tofu too. The long tentacle-looking thing – no idea what it was.
The best thing about this restaurant is the cashier, the boss’s 15-, 16-year old daughter. She speaks Mandarin in a China accent, English without a China accent. She is vivacious, cheerful, friendly to everyone. Treats everyone the same. I kept telling my friend I want a daughter like her. I think she with her superior PR skills is the only reason why the restaurant is thriving.
I have always thought that in Chinatown, you can eat anywhere because the competition is so stiff. But I am wrong. Avoid this row of steamboat restaurants.
Chong Qing Zheng Zong Shan Cheng Hotpot (重庆正宗山城火锅)
New Bridge Road
T: 6339 9271
Rating: 1/5 stars

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