Ritz Apple Strudel, Thomson

Memory is a funny thing. It has been years since I have apple strudel. The first time I had it, my brother brought it all the way from Australia because there was no apple strudel yet in Singapore. And the dessert was still divine. I eat to remember.
Then when the shop opened, I ate and thought it was good…but not as good as the Australia one.
Then recently, maybe after 4 years, I happened to be at Thomson, so after TWO full dinners, two plates of noodles, I said to my friend, Let’s have apple strudel.
And since she was treating, she ordered and ordered and ordered: apple strudel, durian strudel and custard tarts. Man, that woman doesn’t know when to stop. And to top off the calories, I was thirsty and ordered hot chocolate.
The apple and durian strudels are twins, so I only took one photo to represent it. I think it’s a little insincere just to change the filling of the dessert without doing anything special.
The apple and durian strudels and custard tarts were ok…but somehow I felt that the crust was not as crispy and light as I remember, like it was a bit lau hong (what is “lau hong” in English? I ah beng engrish no good.) erm..let’s say it’s doughy rather than crispy. The apple and durian flavors did NOT seem to burst in my mouth anymore. No more fireworks shooting around me, fireworks coming out of my mouth. (come out of mouth, better than katy perry, coming out of her breasts.)
I am ambivalent about this review. The desserts were alright, not marvelous. But since desserts cost x hours on the treadmill, then the desserts better be more than alright; desserts should be orgasmic.
The ambience is Mcdonald-like; the service is N.A. because you order at the counter, they bring the desserts to you. Minimum interaction.
267 Upper Thomson Road
6458 6935
Daily: 10am – 9.30pm
Rating: 2.710/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dessert, Thomson

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