Bratwurst Shop, Plaza Singapura

One of my ex-dates told me when he was studying in Australia, he always ate at Bratwurst Shop. Gah’ment prefers White talent, so I learn from them mah.

You pay at the counter, you get a tag, then you look for a table at the back of the kiosk, which is decorated more for cheap, quick bites than a romantic getaway. An additional $4, on top of the price of sandwich, will get you a meal, including fries and a drink. Want Snapple? Top up another dollar. My friend and I ordered 1 full meal and another sandwich, which came up to $19. Not worth the price. I know Bratwurst is known for the big sausages–readers will know I prefer sausages to see-hums–but I think it’s super bo-hua (not worth it) to pay money for sausages when you can buy cheap from supermarkets. I’m so auntie.
I ordered the Cranberry Turkey sandwich because turkey is usually seasonal (only 3 months a year!) and turkey is low-fat, high in proteins. I’m gay ok? Need to watch the calories. Straight men are so lucky.
The bread was toasted too drily but the moist cranberry saved the sandwich. Still, this is a very fuss-free, cranberry sauce and turkey and a piece of lettuce only sandwich. Not much of a taste, or the combination of the ingredients wasn’t striking. Something was missing. Actually, it’s kinda sad that I think the Cranberry Turkey sandwich at Starbucks is better than a sandwich/hotdog shop.
My friend ordered Roast Beef, which would have been my second choice, because Roast Beef is low in fat, high in proteins!
The sandwich consists of a thin slice of roast beef–so thin that you would think cows are anorexic these days–egg and alfalfa. No sauce, so you have a choice of mustard, ketchup and chili. Super healthy, which means no taste. Seriously, the sandwich had no taste. Seeing the pained expression on my friend’s face, I swapped my sandwich with his. What to do? I’m the drag queen version of Mother Teresa AKA Mama Teresa Teng.
Why the gah’ment bluff me? White is not better. Rice is good too. And why do people eat here? I make better sandwiches.
Bratwurst Shop
Plaza Singapore, #b2-39C
T: 6884 4093
Daily: 8.30am – 10pm
Rating: 2.601/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dhoby Ghaut, Western

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