Nando's, Plaza Singapura

Nando’s is growing so quickly that even the very cute website cannot update the location of its branches fast enough: one at Bugis Junction, Tanglin Mall and Plaza Singapura. Do you know Nando’s is African? Some idiot told me it’s from Malaysia.
My philosophy of food is never queue for food. There are so much good food around so if there is a queue, I’ll go somewhere else.
One day, at 3pm, I was just shopping, wasn’t even hungry–you know lah, ah beng got nothing to do but hang out at malls–and I came upon Nando’s. Seeing that it was empty, got one auntie was at the entrance, asking long and short questions to the waitress, but I just dove into the restaurant. Bo-chap her. (She didn’t come in in the end. Waste time only these people.) So the waitress promptly sat me, promptly took my orders. A few times, the manager came and asked how the food was, etc. Very friendly service. But I wish the servers could read people’s faces better, and my face that day was DO NOT DUCK (censor a bit, got kids reading this blog you know) WITH ME. Somedays, 何少 (Master Ho) just doesn’t want to talk. It’s nothing, and I won’t scream at anyone, I was in fact quite polite, I just want to be left alone. Leave Britney alone!
In the photo, you see I’ve picked the peri-peri 1/4 chicken set meal which comes with a choice of two sides. I picked peri-peri fries and a coleslaw. The dip for the fries is an extra $1 and they don’t serve water. The restaurant is really out to squeeze the customers dry. Why can’t they give free dip and water? So I ordered mineral water (not feeling well). And the meal came up to a whooping $20. I think it’s daylight robbery. Seriously, it is only a chicken thigh! If you go to NTUC to buy a bag of chicken thighs (4 thighs inside), it’s only $3 plus, so the cost price of a chicken thigh is less than a dollar. I’m super auntie?
That being said, OMG the chicken was SUPERB. It was so tender and moist, and the spicy peri-peri permeated through the entire chicken. And no MSG in the food too. There is a garlic sauce that goes well with the chicken. The sauce tasted like french mustard.
The restaurant has no partition from the walkway, so everyone can see what you are eating. But the good service and the wonderful taste make up for the noisy atmosphere. That being said, I dunno if I’m thrifty (if you want to be nice) or stingy (if you’re nasty) or what. I really think it is not worth $20 just for the purpose of eating a chicken thigh (the sides were average and so was the dip). I will go back again if my friends want to eat it–I’m sociable, very qing cai–but I won’t venture into the restaurant alone for lunch anymore. The set meal in Malaysia is only S$7! What right has Nando’s to double the price in Singapore! You lost me at $20, Nando’s, you lost me.
Rating: 4.312/5 stars

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  1. >Hi 何少, Bom Dia & warmest greetings from Nando's Singapore! Thank you for the review, we are appreciative of the comments and we believe it will add value to our team's performance assessment. And to answer your question, as the operation costs & exchange rates varies in different countries, hence the difference in pricing. Though you've mentioned that we've lost you at $20, we certainly hope we can get you back with our food quality & service!Peri Regards,Marketing DepartmentNando's Singapore


  2. >Thanks for the reply. You're doing great PR here! And very witty too. But seriously, $20 is too much for a chicken thigh. Even Crystal Jade is selling $7.95 for an entire chicken. And you may want to rethink charging for the dip and water.


  3. >Hi, sorry for the late reply! But Crystal Jade doesn't have peri-peri now do they? =pWe are very appreciative of your feedback, and look forward to welcoming you back to our restaurants at your earliest convenience. Happy New Year & keep the comments coming!


  4. I recently picked up a large takeaway order from Nandos in Plaza Singapura. When I got back to my office I was disappointed to discover that some of my order had not been placed in the bag.
    I emailed Nandos Customer Services and a few days later a very delightful person called Indah contacted me to apologise. She personally came to my office with a refud for the missing items, 2 gift vouchers and a free lunch! This kind of response is the reason why Nandos is a successful brand. I appreciate the effort and the manner in which Indah dealt with my complaint, and because of this I wil remain a loyal Nandos Peri Peri addict. Well done Indah and well done Nandos.


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