Mad for Garlic, Suntec

I have already written a review for Mad for Garlic when I visited it in Augustand this time round, I stand by my review. The food was still great. My friends and I went to the restaurant sometime in December and there were 6 of us and we ordered almost everything from each category! I love eating with my friends! They are AWESOME.

Dracula Killer ($9.90)
Dracula Killer is bread that you dipped into the garlic sauce. My friend highly recommended this, saying it was very fragrant. But I think that although it is tasty, and different from the usual garlic bread, $9.90 is too expensive for garlic and bread.
Top left (clockwise): Pasa Pasa Salad ($12.90);
Spinach Salad ($12.90) & Caesar Salad, fingers not included ($11.90)
I dunno why we ordered so many salads. Of the three, I highly recommend Spinach and Caesar salad. The Spinach salad comes with balsamic vinaigrette, the dressing that supermodels prefer, because it is fat-free, and almost calorie-free although the taste can be quite acrid and tart. The sharp sour taste complimented the bitter spinach and the crispy sweet garlic. The Caesar salad was fresh and crunchy and thousand island (liquid fat) was a hit with my friends.
Left, clockwise: Snowing Pizza ($18.90),
Lobster Pasta ($19.90), Grill Pizza ($18.90)
My friend, who was allergic to prawns/shrimps, risked her life and ordered a second Snowing Pizza! That is how good the pizza is! The cream-based pizza was topped with sweet garlic and shrimps and more cheese. It has a very unique favor, it was sweet and tasted like diluted condensed milk. Love it! This is the best dish of the restaurant. MUST ORDER.
Among the other dishes we tried–the lobster pasta, grill pizza, chicken pasta ($17.90, just a chicken chop with pasta), Suicide rice ($15.90)–they were all average to good. I think the Suicide Rice was memorable because it reminded me of kamikaze. It was very spicy fried rice.
Sometimes I think my friends make some very bad decisions in ordering. I say that because we shouldn’t have ordered three salads and we shouldn’t have ordered chicken pasta. But I have to say, even their worst dish–worst because it’s just a chicken chop with pasta!–was edible and of an above average standard.
We all had the specialty drink, Yuja ade ($4.90), which used to be a drink for Korean royalty! It was skin of yuja, a kind of citrus, and pomelo in soda. So the taste was tangy, orangey, sweet (from soda) and slightly bitter from pomelo. Very refreshing!
The ambience was very romantic with so much dark wood and dimmed lights and although the restaurant was full, it didn’t sound noisy. The service was good. And guess how much was the food? Only $30 per person! And we ate like pigs!
Prevent vampires from attacking! Go Mad for Garlic! Seriously, please go and patronize this wonderful restaurant because I heard from my friend who is a friend of the boss that it may close down soon for lack of business.
Mad For Garlic
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City #01-039
S 038983
T: 6333 1507
Rating: 4.4812/5 stars

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