Ri Xing Xiang Ji Sweet Potato Balls, Maxwell Market

Today, I’ll bring you a food that hasn’t appeared on HGW, found in hawker center because “don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got, i’m still bengy, bengy from the block.” Must go back to where I picked up my beng skills from.

You walk past Ri Xing Xiang Ji Balls, right, you will see so many awards pasted on the stall: makasultra lah, Green Book lah… I love Green Book Awards and find it more reliable than other awards and tv show. And although I have eaten many balls before, I have NEVER heard of sweet potato balls, so I try lor.
(Sweet potato ball and sweet potato with stuffing and a nut on top of the sweet potato with stuffing)
Sorry, I can’t see the fascination with the sweet potato ball. Like that lor, mashed sweet potato with batter over it, deep fried. It was crispy without being oily, but the taste was like that lor.
But get the stuffing one. The sweetness from yellow lotus-paste and from the sweet potato is different: the former is stronger and more overpowering, the latter is subtle and leaves a fragrant aftertaste in your mouth, so you taste two different kind of sweetness. And the nut on top, sweet too, provides a different texture from the soft ball, making the ball more unique. I can envision this ball eaten as a dessert in a fancy restaurant.
And the balls are cheap. I think about $0.40-0.60 each. (sorry, I forgot.)
Ri Xing Xiang Ji
Maxwell Road #01-76
Maxwell Market
Rating: 3.7121/5 stars.

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