Closed – Mitzi Cantonese Restaurant, Tanjong Pagar

Kai Lan fried with fish; venison (deer meat) with green onions
When we asked for recommendations, the auntie was so sweet, recommended us cheap food, seeing how I look (note the present tense) like a student. So we two ordered kai lan with fish; venison with green onions and pork ribs King. Notice how gay men eat? Proteins; proteins; BANG! Fats. The fats is I order one lah. I am a fat fag. My friend didn’t even order rice!
The dishes were all so good! we couldn’t pick one that we preferred. The Kai Lan with fish ($10) was superb. with little bits of dunno-what (my friend said it’s deep-fried fish skin) on the fish slices. I usually hate vegetables, especially the bitter ones and kai lan is bitter. But the sauce and the fish neutralized the bitterness, making the bitterness savory. The fish and the veg competed for freshness. I thought the dish was overly oily.
Beef/venison fried with green onions is one of my favorite chinese dish. Whenever there is venison ($12), I will order it. Venison is softer than beef and has very high proteins and lower in fat. I can’t help being low class; I’m a beng! I love the smelliness of green onions. This dish was executed perfectly. The meat was tender and the ingredients amalgamated together well.

The moment I put the Pork Ribs King ($10) into my mouth, I salivated so much. Outside crispy, inside soft, the sauce had completely penetrated into the meat. Not oily and didn’t taste fat. Win.
My friend, who didn’t eat rice, wanted another dish and I really didn’t want to eat their famous claypot tofu because tofu is bad for you. So we ordered prawn egg ($12). Ok lah, not as fantastic as other dishes – egg is egg what. I kinda thought it was not worth the price because the egg costs as much as the meat dishes.
You know me by now. I never leave without dessert. For weeks, my friend Lydia has been craving for orh ni (yam paste), a Hokkien dish, even though she wasn’t here so I ate on her behalf. And I saw “yam paste” on the menu and asked the auntie if it is “orh ni” and she berated me, “tsk, this is a Cantonese restaurant, we don’t have orh ni. Ours is yam paste ($6).” Honestly, I’m Singaporean, I dunno what the difference is between the Chinese dialect food! Who cares for authentic [insert type of cuisine] food! Nice to eat can already.
Well it kinda tasted like orh ni but it was more watery, less thick, and much less sweet. I like it.
Decorated like a Chinese restaurant, which is no decoration at all. Just round tables and chairs and very white everywhere. I seriously adore the auntie waitress. She’s like those stoic mother hen, and she treated me like her child… you know, with liking contempt. I love the way she strolled oh-so-slowly to the table when you asked for her. She gave me a feeling of home.
The food was so good I wondered why the restaurant was quite empty. please patronize this restaurant. I thought this was so much better than “da zhong” the noodle place on the next street. Why do people want to eat “da zhong”??? Wake up, people!
We spent $66 for two people, but we overate.
62/64 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088483
T: 6222 0929/ 6222 8281
Rating: 4.402/5 stars

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  1. My family all time favorite since the 70s. Sadly, the owner has decided to close as the lease for the place has expired. Would you know where they might have re-opened?


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