Moved: Pondok Jawa Timur, Dhoby Ghaut

Edit: Moved to Wilkie Edge at Sophia Road.

I’ve been exploring good and cheap places to eat at Dhoby Ghaut because have you seen the queue at Aston’s? wah lah eh, 5pm already got queue and after my movie, at 10pm, the queue is still there. Welcome Pondok Jawa Timur, just at the space above the MRT station.

Nasi Campur ($8.90). I changed the white rice to yellow, another additional $1.50. 6 side dishes. Worth the money! There are stirred fried french bean (crispy but a bit oily); hardboiled egg, then frying it and adding garlic chili on top (YUMMY, sourish and appetizing); stirred fried curry tua kwa, which I don’t eat because I don’t eat soya bean; sambal beef, so tender and soft, but a bit stingy; and curry chicken, also tender and juicy and the curry was infused in the chicken.
Emmy ordered Mie Goreng Jawa ($6.90). I forgot how it tasted like but decent too.
For desserts, we ordered the Es campur jawa ($5) and es avocado mocha ($5). Can anyone guess what “es” means? guess, guess, guess!
I think it means “ice,” sama sama pronunciation leh. I am a genius.
My advice is: after the main meal, run. Don’t eat the desserts because campur jawa is ice kacang and avocado mocha is just iced coffee with avocado. I like them…and the ice bits come in a bigger grain, not the ice kacang flakes, which makes the dessert both colder and harder to eat, but more fun to grindr your teeth with. I love grindring on ice. Although I like the desserts, I think it’s very expensive, $5 for ice and syrup. Hm… I rather go to Ji De Chi at Plaza Sing.
No queue, good cheap food, about $15 each person. But the service was inattentive although there were only 3 tables. Not very friendly.
They are moving. So check before you go.
Pondok Jawa Timur
The Atrium Orchard
60B orchard road
Tel: 6884 5853
11.30am – 10pm daily
Ratings: 3.729/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Dhoby Ghaut, Indonesian

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  1. Highly recommended! They’ve moved to Wilkie Edge on Sophia Road, off Selegie Road, which is just a hop and a skip from Plaza Singapura. Phone number’s still the same.


  2. Staying at Citadines (Wilkie Edge) and have had a meal there twice now. Great food (especially the chicken curry) and we enjoyed the service – they already recognise us and go out of their way to give us better service – well, we feel that way anyway :-) Highly recommend the fresh juices. Cost about $15 per person, sharing and with drinks. Would be even better if they got a liquor license !


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