Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wanton Mee, Old Airport Road

Ha ha ha. Famous at Hougang but come to Old Airport road famous or not???

At first, I was an unbeliever. I was like “wanton mee only what, how nice can it be? I think me alone is nicer. ME.” But OMG, I was so wrong. I can give up my wanton ways for this wanton mee. DAMN SHIOK. Usually, you have to let wanton mee sit for a while to soak up the sauces (so it’s best to ta-pao home) but this stall has a special chili sauce, zesty, spicy with a slight hint of sweet char siew sauce, that goes so well with the noodle. Even if you don’t eat chili (like me), you should still eat this chili. You just stir and attack the noodles immediately! Don’t need to let it, as Sheryl Crow sings, soak up the sauce. The noodles is as springy as my firm ass. The meat in the wanton was substantial. $3 ONLY. SO WORTH IT. Best wanton mee I ate me in my life.
Ordered the dumpling soup too ($2 for 4 dumplings). Very amazing too. The meat within was marinated sooo well that the dumpling was bursting with flavors! and you can even taste the moldy taste of mushrooms in it. Good job, but the wanton mee is still the star.
A hawker uncle sat down with us to chit chat. I ah beng mah, four seas inside, combined is brothers (四海之内,结兄弟). Actually, beside this Hua Kee, there is another wanton shop, which also has lots of awards. So I asked the uncle, “Which wanton is nicer?” and he secretly and grudgingly pointed to Hua Kee. Take it from the hawker uncle. Hua Kee is king.
The food was fantastic, but the stall helpers don’t smile too much and are quite fierce. But as if I come here to socialize! lim pei come here to eat ok? I want to move to Old Airport road just for the wanton mee!
Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wan Ton Mee
Old Airport Road Market
noon – midnight, close on monday.
Rating: 4.892/5 stars

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