Prata Wala, Nex

Nex is a place where the entire Singapore population gathers. Like Singaporeans nothing better to do meh? to go to a neighborhood mall on a weekend… such losers…like me.
Anyway, was there and at the middle of the mall, there was just an islet sticking out selling Indian food, and from the queue of it, you’d thought that Singaporeans never eat Indian food before. So I am Singaporean what, I see people queue, I queue lor.
Wanted mutton briyani but it was sold out, and settled for dum mutton briyani. What’s the difference? The person who made mutton briyaniis from RI the other from XXX school. Wah better don’t offend those ah beng schools ok? I was from there.
Dum mutton briyani is just mutton fried with the rice, which is strange that it is more expensive than the mutton briyani. I’d thought the normal one requires more work. My friend ate plain and egg prata.
Our verdict: DELICIOUS. The bismati was very flavorful and the mutton was soft and tender and no stench. The pratas were slightly charred but added to the taste of the pratas.
But the two (Chinese) missy-s besides us, very complain queens leh. At first complaining about the shop never sell individual dishes, no utensils, then later complain that their utensils are plastic, then when they got the metal ones, complain that utensils are too hot, etc etc etc. Wah lah eh, that’s why I’m gay. Seriously, if you want good service, etc, go to a restaurant lah. This is a prata place leh. I can’t stand princess-y people.
Overall, the food is good if you can stand to queue–I usually can’t–and I like this concept of you queue-up-and-buy-food-like-fast-food-restaurant–minimum contact of service, you know lah very hard to get attention of waiters at prata shops–although there were many Indian workers just standing around doing nothing. I don’t understand restaurants that employ so many people but only 2 people are working. Why don’t they sack all of them and retain the 2 hardworking ones and lower the food costs?
Prata Wala
Nex Mall
T: 6795 2530
5am – 1am daily
Rating: 3.813/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Indian, Serangoon

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  1. >lol, now then i realise your ratings are like with decimals to 4sf.lol. good job and very practical sometimes having figures to 2sf is just not expressive enough hahahaha.


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