Closed – Mimolette, Bukit Timah

The rich really know how to enjoy life and how much privilege they are given. Instead of developing the land in city for HDB flats, and building a horse stable at Punggol, the government decides to develop Punggol so poor people have to travel to town, and the rich people can walk to their horses. And Mimolette, at this stable, knows its target audience. Those who can go there must drive.

I usually brunch at Riders Cafe (next door to Mimolette) but these days you need to reserve 3 weeks in advance.
When I was there, I ran into a bunch of cute gay doctors, YUMMY, so you know the place is good (gay people are anorexic and only eat good food) and expensive (doctors). Cute gay men=food before food. Heh heh heh.
My friends and I kick-started with Sangria ($40 an bottle) which is made of antioxidants (blue, black and straw-berries) and calories (wine and soda). I actually must prefer white wine sangria than red wine because it’s lighter, seems happier, gayer. Drinking of an empty stomach, smart. Although it wasn’t the best I had (try Don Quijote), it was still refreshing and perked me up.
My friends ordered:
Farmer’s Breakfast ($20)
Eggs Benedictine ($18)
Mimo’s Burger ($28)
I thought, except for Emmy who ordered the burger, my friends make very bad choices. It costs too much to eat eggs and beans at $20. While I think the gourmet burger is delicious, Emmy ended up paying $47 for the meal, too expensive. I think I’m the wisest of all because I ordered oxtail stew ($24):
Wise because oxtail is expensive (a cow has only one tail, rare things are expensive), so the dish is relatively cheap. I love it. The fresh potatoes, radish, carrots and mushrooms were neither overly soggy or hard. The meat slid off the bones. The buttered bread added to the richness of the stew. It was the right amount of seasoning, you can taste only a hint of salt. I think that salt is used to bring out the favors but in some lousy dishes, it is used to cover the lack of taste and the fact that this stew uses so little salt shows how good it is. The dish also has a very homely feel to it, which I like. But the stew can be thicker though.
We ordered to share:
Frites (russet potato fries)
Buttermilk Pancakes
The frites tasted like sweet potato fries. Sweet and fried – what can do wrong with that killer combination?
For desserts, you’d think it’s not impressive. Pancakes and doughnuts? Don’t cock your eyebrow at me, man. Cock can, but not eyebrow. But listen to the description on the menu: Buttermilk Pancakes – with fresh cream, mixed berry compote, honey butter and maple syrup. And Doughnuts: three sugared doughnuts with nutella dip, honey butter and berries compote. Sounds amazing right?? That’s the power of words.
And they were amazing. Let the maple syrup and honey butter soak into the pancakes. Then smear the fresh cream–it was very very very fresh and light–and berry jam on it. The cream itself had no taste but if you add the jam, the combination was explosive.
The moment I put the doughnut in my mouth, I teared. I wasn’t kidding, ask my friends. This was maybe the second time I ever cried for food. It’s just flour and sugar, and I cried. This is blardy brilliant.
Overall, I love the whitewashed decor, and how everything seems 2D, very alice-in-wonderful feel. The servers are probably overworked, so they don’t smile a lot and they don’t notice you but the manager seemed to be encroaching, which I don’t like. But the food is SOOOO AWESOME, although I think it’s too expensive. When we split the bill, it ranged from $37-47, compared to $1.50 chee cheong fun.
55 Fairway Drive
t: 6467 7748
Tue-Fri: 11am-3pm; 6pm-11
Sat-Sun: 10am – 3pm; 6pm-11
Closed on Mon
Rating: 4.812/5 for food; 4.419/5 stars (overall)

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